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Romney Tax Breaks for Millionaires Online Video ...

Romney Tax Breaks for Millionaires:

Reid: Middle Class Families Are Struggling, Not Millionaires Like Mitt Romney. Nevada Senator Harry Reid urges Republicans to work with Democrats in supporting middle class tax cuts, rather than tax breaks for millionaires.

10 Responses to “ Romney Tax Breaks for Millionaires Online Video ”

  1. TheDuckQuacksBack says:

    If Romney wants to be president then let him show the American people his tax returns you little crybabies Is he hiding something? What’s the big deal ? He can’t show any returns before 2010 can he?
    Obama showed his .. Look nobody is going to elect that bum now..Romney best hang it up… The man is pathetic. Another Sara Palin? REALLY ?


  2. seka1986 says:

    Wouldn’t it be a HOOT if Harry the Anus Reid showed us his tax returns? Or better yet, if Hussein Obama showed us his college records? I wonder why that’s TOP SECRET??? WHAT IS HUSSEIN HIDING? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM????????????? LOL

  3. TheDuckQuacksBack says:

    wouldn’t it be a hoot if the IRS paid notice, did some digging and WHAM..
    Romney gets a Tax Audit?
    Hahahaha Show us your tax returns Mitt.. What are you hiding ?

  4. TheDuckQuacksBack says:

    Harry Reid For President !!

  5. seka1986 says:

    Harry Reid is a liar and also a very very evil man.

  6. rgdorg says:

    Poor Harry. Hang in there. The early signs of senility are now apparent, but he still perseveres. 

  7. allieree says:

    Hopefully after the November election Mitt Romney will just be a bad memory,like Sarah Palin, and “W”! Time for the 99ers take America back from the upper 1%. Most of the citizens in the US are middle income or lower. Send Mitt back to his Planet.

  8. jckoenigs69 says:

    Pass a budget Harry!

  9. cornbutter100 says:

    Hopefully after the November election, this idiot will not longer be the senate majority leader.

  10. OurFadedGarden says:

    Most of the people who live here are of the working class. When will any of you acknowledge that?

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