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Romney Swiss Bank:

MITT ROMNEY “I’LL NEVER RELEASE MY TAXES” AND “MY BLIND TRUST IS JUST A RUSE”. Unelectable buffoon mitt romney explains that he will not release more than a year or two of his anti-American, tax hedge-revealing tax returns, which show offshore protections against paying US taxes that Americans pay, and a blind trust that provides additional security for romney’s assets from paying US taxes.


  1. William LaSalle says:

    Where it is dangerous to be a Christian ?

    Egypt, North Korea, China, Laos, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Yemen, Maldives, Somalia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, New Delhi, Falluja, Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco, Nigeria, Eritrea, India, Indonesia, and Tanzania.

    Obama gave the Muslim Brotherhood 1.5 billion dollars.

    Why is our liberal media so soft on Obama ?

    What is Obama’s connection to George Soros ?

  2. mccainisthroughX says:

    Good points.

  3. pdoylemi says:

    I am not all on board for lowering corporate taxation, but I have an open mind on it as there are many logical arguments that can be made for it. However, my main point is that I despise the way the GOP has tried to tie taxes on rich INDIVIDUALS to this issue, as if taxing anyone with money will affect the decisions that corporations make. This is a subtle lie, but they have become masters of this type of lie.

  4. tomitstube says:

    high corporate taxes with incentives to reinvest work fine, it benefits the economy as a whole. personal taxes do not affect job growth or higher investment, bush gave the largest tax cuts in history and our economy collapsed, on top of that we deregulated those very same corporations and industries. this whole narrative that lowering taxes on corporations or wealthy people will create jobs has been proven to be patently false.

    trickle down economics does not work.

  5. pdoylemi says:

    I don’t think that vultures like Bain are attributable as much to the tax code (except their income is mostly cap gains) as it is to poor regulation. My problem is that I can see several advantages to lowering corporate taxes, but not advantage to lowering taxes on rich individuals. The idea that corporations will cease investing because their CEO’s are paying higher personal income tax is bullshit. Yet that’s just what the GOP tries to sell.

  6. tomitstube says:

    this country boomed when corporate taxes were high and they were actually paid.

    ceo’s back then in order to avoid the high taxes reinvested in their companies and workers to get tax breaks. workers, the company, and society benefited from this long term outlook and investment.

    today, companies like bain are just vultures who buy companies to steal their cash reserves and workers pension plans, they literally bankrupt companies to line their pockets, then hire accountants to hide the theft.

  7. bunnyfish714 says:

    mitt is right.why should he show people how much money he has stashed around the world,what’s become of us as a nation when we demand the rich to pay tax.they love america,the flag isn’t that enough

  8. pdoylemi says:

    I will be honest – I do not think cutting corporate taxes is necessarily bad – they just get passed to consumers anyway and it would make us more competitive. However, those that receive the profits – the executives and stockholders should be paying more. Unfortunately, the Ryan plan is to eliminate taxes on one of the prime income sources for the wealthy – capital gains. I could see this if one capped it at say $30,000 to allow individuals to retire, but not as a giveaway for the rich.

  9. tomitstube says:

    i’d be happy if mitt would just tell us how much he spends on accountants.

    romney got a $77,000 in a tax break for his dancing horse.

    it amazes me that someone would vote for a public servant who hides his tax returns from the public, this is when you know your democracy is waning.

    and as much as i hate the right, obama is not a progressive folks, the guy will do much of the same things the right wing robber barons will do. mark it down, obama will cut the corporate tax.

  10. mccainisthroughX says:

    So true. Be Well!

  11. loudepalma says:

    when george will tells a fellow asshole rightwinger its bad then its horrible

  12. SpokaneEcig says:

    Enter the “Mitt Romney’s 2008 Tax Return Contest” and win a $500 prize for the top comment. Search for SpokaneEcig on Facebook, find the thread titled “$500 CONTEST” and have the most “likes” on your comment to win. Contest ends at the end of the 2012 Presidential Race so get your comments up now!

  13. mccainisthroughX says:

    Fantastic comment, and thanks for the candor and sincerity. We voted for reagan and bush hw, but we’ll never vote republican ever again after researching their ineptitude with foreign policy and at handling finances. The Dow, historically, gains point 4% under gop “leadership,” while inflation is 4%. Democrat leadership results in a gain of 8.9%, which is 5% above inflation. We’ll always go with the winners, never the losers. Be Well!

  14. dannymathey says:

    Romneys shit eating grin,and laughing,or dodging the Question isnt working any longer….Ive been a Republican for 35 yrs….Show your damn taxes or Im voting for the tan man “Obama Its not that hard to do.unless your tring to hide something….Its like putting a band aid on a Zit at prom night….we know what your trying to hide…..

  15. mccainisthroughX says:

    Likewise. That will be a good measure of romney’s anti-Americanism and anti-Patriotism; skirting paying taxes to his, alleged, “own country.”

  16. Pauly69s says:

    I want to see his returns AT LEAST back to 1999 when he “resigned” from Bain to “run” the Winter Olympics…

  17. mccainisthroughX says:

    Brilliant comment. You covered the issue beautifully. mitt is screwed. If mitt reveals to Our country and Voters, that he’s paid substantially less in Tax Rates per year than 99% of Americans pay, while using a Blind Trust to make more in interest than most Americans make in annual income over a lifetime, he’s done. If mitt doesn’t release them, showing the Voters he’s “hiding” something, he’s done. It’s all over anyway. Once We get to the debates, it’s President Barack Obama by Light Years.

  18. jxxybxxy2002 says:

    How many people were beaing the hell out of Obama for his birth certificate? Jesus! The “birthers” put him through the ringer when his people were finally able to find the actual 50 year old master copy that had been archived on microfiche and then they still called it fake. All we want to see is Mittsters tax returns for the past ten years, and he is stonewalling.  Why? because he obviously has something to hide.

  19. nakira2ca says:

    The Huffington Post which reviewed his 2010 returns published that he DID NOT include his ‘Report of Foreign Banks and Financial Accounts’.


    Because they show the tremendous loopholes the wealthy have that allows them to pay little if any taxes and Mitt wants to give them an additional $5 trillion in cuts if he gets elected.

  20. mccainisthroughX says:

    We couldn’t agree more!

  21. SunnySide2000 says:

    Willard “Mitt” Witt Romney-Smith, will never disclose his taxes, face it he is aggorant and thinks were all stupid and will forget about it! He is so delusional on the middle class, I think a chromosone is missing. The gene pool was thinned with his grand daddy being a polymagist. The Ann Romney interview was another joke! Understand people creating jobs is one thing vs. venture capitalism! Look at Freeport, IL. We need to stop this PACs, think of all that money that could go toward debt, kids?

  22. oldcomic1 says:

    Plus thre was the challenge of Palin having to count to eight

  23. kamphwagon1 says:

    Yeah about as funny as her actually shooting that cariboo LOL .. I don’t think Gosslin was to enthused about camping anyway , I think Palin playing around with a shotgun put the icing on the cake for Kate and her eight… I think Kate came away with real dislike for Palin but needed the money after losing her show and hubby.. This episode became a bunch of back biting , bitching and disgusting looks on tape .. ROFL

  24. oldcomic1 says:

    I didn’t see that sounds like it was funny

  25. kamphwagon1 says:

    LOL yeah for SNL and everybody else except Fox and I think it was TLC or whoever it was that did the Sarah Palin’s Alaska .. When Kate Gosslin and that herd of brats showed up for a camping episode that cooked the shows goose LOL Two halfwit bitches in the wilderness whose dislikes for each other suck out like a sore thumb ROFL….

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