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2012 Election: Romney Air Plane Windows ...

Romney Air Plane Windows:

LOVE OF MY LIFE by ANDREA JONES. Leading man J Patrick Wise Styling by Andrea Jones Additional Styling/Make-up Alisa Banks Directed by Mike Ho Love of My Life Produced by The Beattraffickers

24 Responses to “ 2012 Election: Romney Air Plane Windows ”

  1. LaBellaBrielle says:

    Hey hun!!! I just saw your facebook post! Your videos are amazing your sooo talented! I just started a youtube channel today :) Im not sure how all this works yet but I subscribed!!!

  2. ladyvallmardyable says:

    Is this Andrea from Kansas City? LADY this song is a hit, you go.

  3. harrellcandace says:

    Beautiful Andrea!  Love it!!

  4. Cicily Renee says:

    My good friend told me about you. Glad I finally watch the video. I just love your single and the video is on point.

  5. polishedbydana says:

    Love this video and song girl! keep real music alive!

  6. ANDREASINGS says:

    thank you Poetri!!! I am so glad it made you smile…that makes me SMILE!

  7. Poetri says:

    I am so proud to say that I know you. This video made me tear up a little bit. It was such a good song AND video. I loved it. Thank you for sharing it. You made me smile today.

  8. Sangindiva says:

    Niiice Andrea!!! I’m very happy for you :) You look and sound great- Congrats!!

  9. terrellisimo says:

    VERY VERY NICE! Song and Video. Congratulations Andrea!

  10. deadyall says:

    Keep it up girlie its great to see u evole from all tht we used to talk abt n school to mkin it happen itz great keep him first all will b yours….

  11. TheCrocit1 says:

    Beautiful Andrea,I really like it!

  12. Seneca Hester says:

    Keep Going Andrea! Reminiscent of Sunshine Anderson…

  13. Ryan Latrell says:

    Hey Andrea!!! #WOOP! I’mma buy your song!

  14. indiezyneinc says:

    Super dope ! Great work Andrea!

  15. Lisa DeWitt says:

    slammin!! :) 

  16. thisisme4reel says:

    Warmed my heart and such a feel good song. Congratulations Andrea!!!

  17. notledpro says:


  18. Charlie Cooper says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. gruuvdr2 says:

    Looks and sounds great! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!

  20. MyishaCayro says:


  21. corinncutie says:

    Love this so much! You have a beautiful voice and love your smile in the video :)

  22. ssand32 says:

    Excellent song and video!

  23. AlwayzaTopKnotch says:

    Great voice, great music, great presentation = u goin places! Absolutely love all of it! Wishing u more success!!!!!!!!

  24. Water44you says:

    Hey Cousin…i absolutely LOVE the video!!!!! And the song!!!! You sound GREAT!!! I pray for your success.

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