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General Election: Christy Steven Colbert ...

Christy Steven Colbert:

Mayor Rob Ford: The Colbert Report Toronto “I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.”. The Colbert Report 2013 11 14 Alexis Ohanian 480p HDTV on Mayor Rob Ford – Toronto.

25 Responses to “ General Election: Christy Steven Colbert ”

  1. Hoor V says:


  2. J. LeDaro says:

    **More antics of Rob Ford**

    The Colbert report. ;)

  3. drago884 says:

    I know Colbert is a comedian/is joking, but the whole ‘he’s embarrassing
    Toronto’ is American faggotry TRYING to make others feel guilty. Just
    because America is full of limp-dicked conservative cunts where getting a
    blow job from your secretary almost leads to impeachment, doesn’t mean the
    whole world has to be manginas.

  4. whereismybailouttv says:

    Resign now.

  5. lol70721 says:

    sound, is poop :c

  6. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    His record for fiscal conservatism is excellent. We Torontonians voted for
    Ford with a huge majority not because he is a tee totalling choir boy but
    because the teat sucking entitled socialists at City Hall are disrespecting
    taxpayers. Got it? 

  7. Christine Peace says:

    I live in Toronto and find this funny as hell.

  8. kontekijke says:

    I live in holland, but i wished i lived in toronto.

    Hell if your mayor can party like that, you guys must rock!

    i’d vote for him!

  9. Diogo Pinto says:

    I’d still rather have him over Susan Fennel, Brampton’s current mayor.

  10. Scott steeves says:

    I got mixed feelings about rob ford. I live in tronto

  11. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    I’ll take a crack smoking Mayor over a communist Mayor anyday! Go Ford!

  12. Patrick Bartlett says:

    can harper do anything about ford?

  13. rob brunet says:

    wow rob canada and toronto honour on youtube cause of you way a go eh !!!

  14. felipe reyes says:

    Please Rob Ford have more decency that anyone running The Ford Company

  15. Basil Lavender says:

    Rob Ford is an embarrassment to Canada, Ontario and Toronto…

  16. Michael Arnold says:

    “Possessed Cabbage Patch Doll!!” Lmao. XD

  17. Mike Felber says:

    Its all fun & games guys, until you sober up & realize that the REAL
    tragedy in all of this…Is that Christ Farley is not alive to play Rob
    Ford. Oh Farley, we hardly new ye.

  18. huntercat100 says:


  19. haris000000 says:

    just as a side note John F Kenedy was addicted to amfetamins I think, and
    look where he did so drug use is a sign of a strong leader churchill was an
    alcoholic, so yeah good company

  20. UrLittle Spies says:

    I would have divorced him on the spot.

  21. TheAraichBoyz says:

    I’m from Toronto and I I have a shirt that’s say rob ford for prime minster

  22. nathanlief says:

    I live in van down by the river

  23. Michael benjamin says:

    just because we have a stupid Mayer it still doesn’t give him the right to
    say that America is better than Canada

  24. Sam B says:

    This guy is hysterical, I love him!

  25. ELI BROWN says:

    Both this and the daily show is so boring I’m only watching this because of
    Rob Ford.

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