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Christy Tax Cheat Presidential Election 2012 ...

Christy Tax Cheat:

IPCC Scientist – Labor’s carbon tax is wrong says Professor John Christy.!/wakeup2thelies Professor John Christy interviewed by Chris Smith on 2GB 873AM 1/April/2011 Professor John Christy Resume http://www.nss…

7 Responses to “ Christy Tax Cheat Presidential Election 2012 ”

  1. Adirtybird says:

    @SimoAdams Oh ok … Maybe its that you’re to fucking stupid to see its not
    Chris telling us the truth it’s the one time lead scientists of the IPCC
    now telling the truth.. Grow a brain and look past the front page for once..

  2. VideoMash says:

    Such a relief to hear this. So now we are all clear to just keep right on
    shitting in our bath water.

  3. MonkeyMagic88 says:

    I love this You Tube channel….. YOU ROCK !!!!

  4. VideoMash says:

    You are all a bunch of morons for listening to this garbage. Chris Smith is
    spreading absolute bs

  5. uncgeog says:

    @sostainability Yes, with more CO2 there will be warming, but what we’ve
    seen in the past half century is not what Hansen and his cronies thought
    would happen back in 1988. Business as usual has to change? Do you know
    what happens to people who don’t have energy? — THEY DIE! You are
    probably alive today because we know how to push electrons.

  6. uncgeog says:

    @sostainability Your argument simply stinks. What is mainstream climate
    science? Sounds like a political notion. His work with Roy Spencer on the
    satellite record has been published all over in high impact journals and no
    one disputes his findings. His reference to forecasting is short-term
    forecasting, like what the National Weather Service does. He’s a
    climatologist, not a meteorologist. He works in academia, not an industry –
    he has not taken a dime from “industry” that you refer.

  7. MonkeyMagic88 says:

    Google this – Alex Jone Interviews David Mayer De Rothschild – global
    warming is a Rothschild Banking Mafia invention to further enslave YOU !!!

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