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Ted Cruz Tells Rush Limbaugh: Syria and ...

Ted Cruz Dream Act:

Ted Cruz Tells Rush Limbaugh: Syria and Obamacare Are ‘Tied Together’. 8/29/13 – During an interview with Rush Limbaugh this week, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) attempted to link the international story that’s dominating the news media t…

13 Responses to “ Ted Cruz Tells Rush Limbaugh: Syria and ”

  1. Noe Serrano says:

    Cruz is looking for attention, his addiction.

  2. ktohkubbi says:

    where is the rest of the interview?

  3. bubbafreesnake says:

    This dork is desperately trying to tie these two issues together for his
    own political fortune. He’s more concerned with himself than he is about

  4. TheProgMachine says:

    I see two people here that should be gassed and are full of hot air! If you
    believe this shit you are fucking nuts like these human pieces of garbage.
    What is even more scary is that people actually listen to this and take
    this seriously! I hope he has a massive heart attack on the air. That would
    be amazing!! Rush you are one BIG FAT lying jabba the hutt!

  5. ra bA says:

    yea but obama is really really bad. you would have to be dumb to still like
    or believe anything he says.

  6. Edwin Wise says:

    Stupid ass repubes are still whining about Obama. They say all these
    ridiculous things about him, they don’t realize that they lost to him
    twice. The more they whine, the worse they look. Like I said, stupid asses.

  7. HNK222 says:

    Ted Cruz Tells Rush Limbaugh: Albania and Toe Fungus Are ‘Tied Together’
    We’re through the looking glass, people!!!

  8. Frances White says:

    I second that nomination!

  9. homertalk says:


  10. andinconclusion says:

    Logically he’s correct. Both help in destroying America, if not the world.

  11. thetruth9900 says:

    What People do you mean Teddy? The stupid inbred Fools that your used to
    lying too?

  12. olds98123 says:

    I keep hearing the words American people need to do this and that, isn’t
    our Congress representing us American people ?

  13. AtlasShruggery says:

    Teabaggers, Please, please nominate Crazy Ted for president in 2016.

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