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Ted Cruz Dream Act GOP 2012 ...

Ted Cruz Dream Act:

Dream Act gains slim margin in U.S. Senate. DREAM Act fails U.S. Senate.

9 Responses to “ Ted Cruz Dream Act GOP 2012 ”

  1. jkh301 says:

    @SomeWhiteDude do you even know why mexico is so bad. You probably think
    every race aslong as they arent white are bad people. Your the real
    uneducated piece of shitt

  2. DillonDee1 says:

    Texas Senators said NO.

  3. jkh301 says:

    @Deemonkilla i know right. Maybe now u can finally get ur dream job, bein a
    janitor or a cashier at McDonald’s. Dumb lazy ass redneck

  4. Zalahblue says:

    Not a Chance of Dream Act now! The new Congressional reapportionment
    numbers are out. Notice these are REPUBLICAN LEANING STATES! States gaining
    Congressional seats: Arizona (1), Florida (2), Georgia (1), Nevada (1),
    South Carolina (1), Texas (4), Utah (1), Washington (1). States losing
    Congressional seats: Illinois (1), Iowa (1), Louisiana (1), Massachusetts
    (1), Michigan (1), Missouri (1), New Jersey (1), New York (2), Ohio (2),
    Pennsylvania (1). Democrats Lost 10 Seats!

  5. Agamemnon862 says:

    Fuck that traitor Boxer.

  6. TheFutureOfLife1 says:

    @dkkght46 HAHAHAHAHA i can see that Somebody used google traslate, i
    couldn’t understand anything if you are trying to insult somebody in their
    language at least know what are you writing.Poor thing you can’t even learn
    another language but that’s ok because “americans” want you in college and
    pay ur educations.American like to waste money and ruin dreams.

  7. nvboy2000 says:

    this boxer is a DUMM shit bitch… we need them out of there bad!!!
    this country is go to shit in a dem hand bascket…!!!

  8. jkh301 says:

    @SomewhiteDude3 so your saying its the illgals fault for having the bosses
    pay them less than how they should be.

  9. dkkght46 says:

    Un ilegal de usted de todo, dirigen de que de mierda de comienzo DEL de
    bolsas Y de sus de mejor de empaca un yo de frontera Y de la no belll de
    significo de tampoco de taco. Ah acerca de mierda de hablado DEL de
    norteamericanos Buenos este total de mientras ACTO de SUEÑO ah rechazo DEL
    de párr de tiempo de su de ahora de empujado Y. ¿¿Costará de cuánto de Le
    no volver de párr de coyote un México? ADIOS comedores de frijol. Los
    demócratas ponen a gays sobre usted, ir agradable.

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