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Romney Facist Ideology June 11, 2012: Webster ...

Romney Facist Ideology:

June 11, 2012: Webster Tarpley and Alex Jones Re-Examine Ron Paul’s Ideology. Ron Paul & Son Betray Their Supporters; Carterized Obama Stiffs Wisconsin Recall Movement; Fascist Offensive Looms in US with Romney Presidency, Supreme Court Attack on Economic Rights; “Occupy” Now an Object of Ridicule: Time to Dump Reactionary Republicans and Wall Street Democrats via a National Emergency Anti-Austerity Conference to Defend Working People, Fill Political Void — Read more at

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2012 Voter Comments

  • Candidate for 2012 Election and Ted Cruz Dream:

    fmnma1 said: Do we need a bazooka... Well, yes, who's to protect us from the government? I saw a man wearing a hat proudly recently. It had something stitched into it, stated, "I love my country, but I fear my government"! [read more]

  • Candidate for 2012 Election and Ted Cruz Dream:

    Terry Pinion said: Assault weapons select fire weapons are already limited by law. a .223 rifle if a close to intermediate range weapon 0-300 yards for most people. in the case of say a home invasion were 3-5 armed people crash through your front door a person may very well need to use more than 10 rounds of ammo to stop them. does a person need 100 round drum I would hope not as your responsible for every round you fire and if you miss the person or persons you were legally able to use deadly force on and hit an innocent like a child across the street even accidently then your responsible for taking that life cause had you not fired the child would not have been injured. people need to be adequately trained to use firearms [read more]

  • Candidate for 2012 Election and Ted Cruz Dream:

    TheMapturtles said: Reps are the best look we have many jobs in Texas I wonder why [read more]

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