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Romney Facist Ideology June 11, 2012: Webster ...

Romney Facist Ideology:

June 11, 2012: Webster Tarpley and Alex Jones Re-Examine Ron Paul’s Ideology. Ron Paul & Son Betray Their Supporters; Carterized Obama Stiffs Wisconsin Recall Movement; Fascist Offensive Looms in US with Romney Presidency, Supreme Court Attack on Economic Rights; “Occupy” Now an Object of Ridicule: Time to Dump Reactionary Republicans and Wall Street Democrats via a National Emergency Anti-Austerity Conference to Defend Working People, Fill Political Void — Read more at

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    AngelChester914 said: Thank you. [read more]

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    Abhilash Sukumari said: SPOILER ALERT This is simply unacceptable. The ending is not like this at all. "And then there were none" or "Ten little Indians" authored by Agatha Christie has one of the most fabulous climax, clever and cunning climax. For those who don't know the Judge happens to be a psychotic and plans a scheme to bring in other criminals and kills them one by one and later writes a confession as to explaining in detail how he planned each murder and why he did it. And how he kills himself at last. Please read the book to experience one the best twisted ending mystery book of Agatha Christie. [read more]

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    Angelocracy Xue said: Agatha Christie's - And Then There Were None - full movie (1945 film) This is the best movie version of Agatha Christie’s classic mystery novel. Ten people are trapped on a remote island, and they are killed off one by one. And Then There Were None is a 1945 film adaption of Agatha Christie's best-selling mystery novel And Then There Were None directed by René Clair. The film changes certain characters' names and adheres to the ending of the play rather than that of the novel. Though its subject matter is dark, the screenplay injects considerable humor into the proceedings, lightening the tone of Christie's grim book. It was directed by René Clair from a screenplay by Dudley Nichols. The film could arguably be seen as a precursor to the modern slasher film, though it certainly isn't gory, and the deaths are not played up for their horror, as they are in slasher films today. See more movies like this in my movie playlist #classicmovies #movies #classicfilms #hollywood  [read more]

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Latest Headlines Chris Christy Problems

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