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Results Election Chris Christy Immigration ...

Chris Christy Immigration:

Papantonio: Chris Christie – The Face of The Republican Disaster. Do you remember the last presidential primaries when the only viable candidate that Republicans had was Jon Huntsman? The Democrats were able to cheer virtua…

10 Responses to “ Results Election Chris Christy Immigration ”

  1. Oz House says:

    Yeah, it’s just a bigger train wreck than the Dems – which are also a train
    wreck, can’t fix this, capitalism has got to change so much the capitalists
    wouldn’t call it capitalism… even if the pendulum somehow swung back to
    the left side, what disappoints me is the left in the US – including the
    young turks – claiming that getting 20-40 years of progressive policies
    past the right wing before they crush us again is the best Americans could
    ever hope for. IF that is what the young turks, ring of fire etc are aiming
    for??? Then you may as well call it quits now and go jump off a cliff. The
    idea that we can regulate our way to a capitalism that works is baby talk.
    Even when it kind of works (for brief moments) there is always an
    underclass of those being screwed.

  2. jsgdk says:

    The repub primaries are going to be awesome, cruz/santorum 2016 rofl

  3. the82spartans says:

    Yes, a train wreck.

    Just like 0bamacare.

  4. Enzo Pontrelli says:

    ROF – Papantonio: Chris Christie – The Face of The Republican Train Wreck

  5. william miller says:

    Mike is the greatest.

  6. Alex H says:

    Ah I really wish idiots like the person who posted this video would wake up
    and realize all the candidates are in the 1% and play golf at private
    resorts together while they laugh about how much money they made off the
    ignorant masses like yourself.

    That will never happen though just keep bitching back and forth in your
    two-party system where both parties are the same.


  7. bryantppierce says:

    I want to strangle Christie’s unbelievably fat neck. I will.

  8. Ring of Fire Radio says:

    Papantonio: Chris Christie – The Face of the Republican Train Wreck

  9. Tsnore says:

    But people of the left should hope for much more tea-bagging into 2016 and

  10. Farrell Hamann says:

eight + = 17

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