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Remarks by Senators Reid and Durbin on the DREAM ...

Ted Cruz Dream Act:

Remarks by Senators Reid and Durbin on the DREAM Act Following Failed Cloture Vote. Colloquy between Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) immediately following the failure on Septem…

25 Responses to “ Remarks by Senators Reid and Durbin on the DREAM ”

  1. Jairo Arriola says:

    @hcwcars1 u have no kids if you arent smart enough to spell you shouldnt
    have kids mr citizen.its “our” and “illegals” learn to spell mr citizen

  2. ToeIn2194 says:

    @rw5791 Rest assured. Americans are awake and ready to continue the battle.
    Obama/Pelosi/Dirty Harry/Durbin/etc..LOL!

  3. Evilbunnykatzen says:

    @francoferret I believe on what you are saying, a person must not be
    measured by the number on a SS card, but by the numbers he can achieve in
    school, and life. Let’s admit it, the real people on top don’t want this
    passed. The reason why it’s because illegals represent cheap labor for this
    capital system, and educated people are a threat to their system. The
    corporations will make immigrants look bad so middle class America will be
    afraid of them, blame them for their misfortunes

  4. Cristino4 says:

    @ NOYOLAJUAN, The Dream Act was put into the Defense bill because the dream
    act changes Mlitary recruitment policies . Thus, thats why it was put in
    the Defense bill.

  5. damoparman says:

    @potipots081686 i support the dream act—but—the thing is when the dream
    act gets passed the borders will be overcome with illegals–they would come
    here by the millions in the 80s we gave amnisty to millions of illegals and
    then the number of illegals doubled over night and is now tripled—how
    many illegals do you think this country can support? the ones that were
    children and came here with their parents are diffrent—but–now what do
    we do with the parents?–let them stay to?

  6. ToeIn2194 says:

    The dream act was a fraud magnet filled with loopholes and incentives for
    more illegal. Again,you expct Americans to be naive and bamboozled
    endlessly. We are AWAKE.Sorry. You’ll have to find another country to fuck
    over and sleaze out.

  7. tishhead says:

    this is a terrible policy outcome, but i have a feeling the repubs will
    grow to regret this. the latino vote is still the fastest growing group.
    repubs ought to think about this: sharron angle and meg whitman and carly
    fiorina all won the white vote by pretty decent margins and it wasn’t
    enough to even get them close to winning overall. and if you don’t think
    the rest of the US is becoming more like calif and nev, you are fooling

  8. dreamstasher says:

    ask congress to honor 1986 bill with E-VERIFY 97% effective when use by all
    EMPLOYERS! You have gave over 3 million citizenship papers out But for the
    promises that the legal companies& worker their family none thing! JUST
    acts of the illegal EMPLOYERS TO KEEP WAGE& BENEFITS LOW!

  9. GermanicReich says:

    @a3patriot In their hearts they are and that is something that no one can
    take away from them. In Europe we have a much easier way to attaining legal
    status than in the U.S but a much harder process to attaining a citizenship
    of course this depends on the country but its the overall situation. That
    is what the DREAM Act is trying to accomplish, giving these students with
    clean records and a desire to be Americans the way to earning their
    residence and much later on their citizenship.

  10. Maria Del says:

    why is people making so many assumptions? illegals do pay taxes, its called
    ITIN number, the difference is that we don’t receive tax returns. health is
    not free, so in my case i have to pay for an insurance, college here in FL
    is 3 times more than a resident, so I have to work overtime to pay for
    school… every story and reasons are different. our story is that my mom
    got cancer and we didn’t have the money to pay for the permits and visa
    extensions, my mom’s health was the most important thing

  11. wpan66 says:

    What humanity? Durbin wants votes. He’s not interested in make their
    countries better. A political whore.

  12. utubecenseorstruth says:

    america did not want this. Dont blame it all on republicans many democrats
    do not support this. security first not the other way around like democrats
    do. america does not care if the secretary of defense is for the dream act.
    DO you liberals dive a damn what america thinks. Durbin has the dream act
    as priortity? AMerica should be his top intrest. further i dont think the
    dream act is fair to american students whose parents did not break the law

  13. rw5791 says:

    30 plus years of open borders have put hispanics in the majority in
    california.They elected the tyrants brown and pelosi and boxer and there is
    nothing the anglos can do about it.There is still time to save america
    before the california model spreads to the entire country and obama
    declares hImself maximum leader for life. This message is not for the
    democrat perverts but rather for the white suburban independents.WAKE UP

  14. backrubs62 says:

    i read somewhere today that he was on the floor whining and actually
    mentioning names of groups who opposed his dream act. For a piece of
    legislation that has been voted down SEVEN TIMES now, one has to wonder,
    when is enough going to be enough

  15. Gracelandification says:

    2/3 In November 2010, the unemployment rate was 9.8% with 15.1 million
    unemployed. (15.1 million/9.8%) = 154 million are able to work in the
    workforce. 11,941,812 (or 11.9 million) skilled jobs provided to illegal
    immigrants. GOOGLE “illegal immigration counters”, the 15.1 million
    unemployed could take the 11.9 million available jobs. The unemployment
    rate could be reduced to 2.1% {{15.1-11.9)/154}

  16. wolverine223 says:

    we are such racist country that we cant even give young people who did
    nothig wrong a chance to live and be a member of society

  17. newpegaso2003 says:

    I hope this issue of immigration can be fixed soon, the history of this
    country is about the history of immigration itself. Millions of people came
    to this country undocumented and documented and after they went through
    many obstacles, they finally were part of this great nation. God bless the
    immigration to this country and The USA.

  18. delamuzica says:

    We need more Americans like them^ this country would be a better Nation.

  19. Maria Del says:

    @damoparman but if it was for votes, then, don’t you think that if the
    republicans that voted to support the Dream act would also have the
    appreciation and support for the ones that could benefit from it? Each
    Senator is an individual not just a republican or democrat. I don’t care
    about what party it is. the Dream act is to give an opportunity to the
    people here, is not to open the borders or anything like that.

  20. newpegaso2003 says:

    @utubecenseorstruth completely agree with the security of the border first,
    as a I said before, it will apply only to people of good character with no
    criminal record, not all the gang members would be eligible to this bill. I
    think both democrats and republicans have to work together and stop playing
    games with this issue.

  21. Gracelandification says:

    1/3 Immigrationcounters com 97% illegal immigrants are from Mexico.
    Illegalimmigrationstatistics org $1117 – The average amount you and your
    family paid in taxes this year to support illegals. 51% – The percentage of
    Mexican immigrant households that use at least one major welfare program.
    28% use more than one.

  22. ToeIn2194 says:

    @cupnoodels123 LEGALLY YOU NUTCASE RACIST!

  23. xaviqaz says:

    @rw5791 the model of chaos and bankruptcy, i agree

  24. ajack50 says:

    @y0ngjin what planet are you from the border is not any better and the
    reason the left wing morons keep stopping any progress ,it is a joke and
    the biggest problem is not the mexicans coming across its the terrorists
    and the drug cartels and felons, if it were up to the idiots in the
    democratic party we would have open borders and everyone would be welcomed
    as long as they registered as a lefty,screw all the dems and they will
    learn a lesson in November,cause they are going to be gone

  25. ToeIn2194 says:

    @24bmorena Please don’t try to bs us into thinking that any illegals would
    go to battle for their love of America. It’s unbelievable the ammount of bs
    Americans have had to put up with because of weak and corrupted
    politicians. It’s obvious from comments all over the place and frpm La Raza
    and all these groups how much’love’ illegals feel for their invaded
    country. Pullease…..

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