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Rand Paul on Chris Christie and Gay Marriage ...

Chris Christy Immigration:

Rand Paul on Chris Christie and gay marriage CNN 8/13/13. Rand Paul on Chris Christie and gay marriage CNN 8/13/13.

15 Responses to “ Rand Paul on Chris Christie and Gay Marriage ”

  1. rammiine says:

    Now Rand Paul is the kind of Republican I would vote for, none of that Ted
    Cruz bullshit.

  2. Roshanda Mills says:

    Rand Paul has my vote!

  3. Steven Sordoni says:

    Yay….now the states can run your life. Daddy Paul was a little more
    competent in this area.

  4. Bill Gates says:

    Okay rand, I disagree with you on your perspective on gay marriage. But I
    agree with your decision to stay out of it and leave it to the states. Yes,
    I’m a college student, and I’m very left wing economically and socially!
    But I actually prefer you to the democrats, as long as you do not RESTRICT
    social ideals from the states, and as long as you maintain your
    intellectual independence from the big parties (which is why I look up to

  5. ISlamMyWifeIntoAWall says:

    Another libertarian who hates freedom ? Freedom is only for straight white

  6. John Jones says:

    You know cultural things like slavery’s been over for 100+ years
    fucktard… You know cultural things like if you arent competent enough to
    acquire a valid id to prove youre eligibile to vote, you shouldnt be
    voting…its a simple verification process…and you can get a non-drivers
    license id for like 10 bucks…if you cant just get an id to prove who you
    are, you shouldnt vote. cultural things like an unborn child’s right to
    life…you stupid fucking libtard baby-killing fucktard…

  7. skinwalkerxxx says:

    This dude is smart. “Let the states take care of this”. Brilliant. He just
    has to answer that over and over in the debates.

  8. ISlamMyWifeIntoAWall says:

    Gay mafia ? Do they wear leather suits and shout “say hello to my little

  9. Dr. Limepickle says:

    What are you talking about?

  10. John Jones says:

    what about what he has said indicates he’s a “theocrat”?? and what about
    his stance in federalism indicates that he would approve of, or allow
    treading “on anyone who isnt straight, white, and christian”? and youre a
    fucking moron…fucking fucktard

  11. lindsey tampling says:

    Back the fuck off. Let people live their life with who they want how they
    want. if someone choices to love someone else of the same sex then so be
    it. It is no one’s position to tell anyone else who they should love and be
    with! Take care of your own lives.

  12. John Jones says:

    really?? seriously?? please, for the love of God, tell me youre joking?????

  13. Otis Smith says:

    You know cultural things like slavery,restricting the right to vote & a
    woman’s right to choose!

  14. ISlamMyWifeIntoAWall says:

    At least hes ditched the libertarian cloak and come out as a theocrat. Dont
    tread on me, tread on anyone who isnt straight white and christian.

  15. Thomas Howard says:

    there should be a constitutional amendment that says, “Marriage should be
    between a man and a woman and nothing else”

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