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Presidential Candidate 2012: Chris Christy ...

Chris Christy Immigration:

Chris Crane and Kris Kobach discuss ICE lawsuit on FNC’s the O’Reilly Factor. ICE Council President and plaintiff Chris Crane and Immigration Attorney Kris Kobach were on FNC’s the O’Reilly Factor on Friday, August 24, 2012 to discuss …

12 Responses to “ Presidential Candidate 2012: Chris Christy ”

  1. Tonya Baker says:

    ICE needs to come back to Perryville,Mo. the cops here will let those
    without drivers license call another illegal immigrant to come drive their
    vehicles away because of paperwork!!

  2. Marcos Barragan says:

    Thank host for letting your audience your racism… I bet she is getting
    less viewers… This country was built by immigrants from all over the
    world… In any case why don’t they claim. Europe… This is the land where
    we were born and we belong here geographicly and in any other way you look
    at it..

  3. mikentosh says:

    Shut the fuck up Pedro.

  4. real80smusic says:

    Bill Oreilly is a marxist POS.

  5. mikentosh says:

    Ya, immigrants who came here LEGALLY….My grandparents and
    great-grandparents waited their turn, and came here LEGALLY! So, get out of
    my country, get in the back of the line, and come here LEGALLY! We’re happy
    to have you….well, not you…

  6. Marcos Barragan says:

    As Americans, we need equal rights. I thank Mr. President Obama for
    standing up. That’s why he won the elections… God bless the United States
    of America and Mr. Obama.

  7. hiccera says:

    hey bud – even the lowest members of the military are trained to disobey an
    illegal order

  8. Outshined1987 says:

    Kris Kobach 2016

  9. Marcos Barragan says:

    If you ICE receives an order from the president, They are supposed to
    follow orders. This bitch ass lady should not give out her opinion as she
    is only reporting. Lame ass news crew and program. She is nobody to express
    herself on t.v. She gets paid to act a little more professional.

  10. clj29360 says:

    We’re on your side, Kris and Chris!

  11. sandra Williams says:

    date and not arising out of the same act, omission, or scheme of
    misconduct, or otherwise pose a threat to national security or public
    safety, you will not be considered for deferred action for childhood
    arrivals except where DHS determines there are exceptional circumstances”

  12. real80smusic says:

    The ONLY way to get anything done on immigration is to Get people to run
    for Sheriff who will do what Joe Arpaio has.

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