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Hillary Clinton Immigration: Updated News ...

Hillary Clinton Immigration:

Clinton’s Take on Immigration, Goldman Sachs. In a Q&A session with Bob Schieffer former President Bill Clinton gave his opinion on the debate surrounding Goldman Sachs and Immigration Reform.

17 Responses to “ Hillary Clinton Immigration: Updated News ”

  1. Frosmad says:

    @GiovannaNYC Europe is doing the same mistakes also, taking alot of muslim
    immigrants and criminals. What the fuck are our leaders thinking….

  2. yankdini99 says:

    He’s referring to more commercial energy to help settle the national debt

  3. missamericangirl5 says:

    wonder how much he got paid to say that!

  4. Xendrius says:

    @thevulgarianz They are puppets and actors, with no real own agenda.

  5. USoSilly2Me says:

    Bill, Bill, Bill…you’re lips seem a little dry. You been inhaling some of
    those prescription drugs?

  6. Lingerfoot says:

    One second they tell us that we have a overpopulation problem and the next
    minute they tell us we need more immigrants,it makes perfect sense.

  7. Giovanna N says:

    Why illegal immigration is even an issue is mind boggling. Wouldn’t YOU
    expect to be arrested if you crossed ANY foreign national border illegally?
    These cop killers, rancher killers, identity thieves, income thieves
    etc…what country besides the US would allow them deplete your resources
    and trash your cities? We NEED BORDERS! Go to HELL Clinton you traitor!

  8. Frosmad says:

    @GiovannaNYC That is sad, but so true. Fuck this.

  9. Giovanna N says:

    @Frosmad They are thinking ethnic enclaves and votes. Politicians do not
    care about the country and people they are supposed to represent

  10. invalidcookie says:

    Shut up you McDonald Eatting Bilderburg Puppet boy.

  11. colindominy says:

    @GiovannaNYC : I’m with you, friend. Here in Australia, we have a v.
    serious “Boat People” problem. From places like Iraq, Afghanistan & Sri
    Lanka, we get queue-jumpers arriving off our shores in old leaky boats.
    They claim status as “Political Refugees” & throw themselves at our mercy.
    But that’s bullshit. They pay many $1000s (many) to be put in boats like
    this. It’s full-on people-smuggling. These ratbags should be turned back,
    but instead, our Govt lets ‘em in. WRONG. WRONG.

  12. No SHAMnesty says:

    Huh?! IIRC, this guy is a convicted perjurer, was impeached and disbarred.
    He wagged his finger and lied. He settled with Paula Jones after denying
    for years that he hadn’t done anything improper.

  13. thevulgarianz says:

    FUCK CLINTON! this is the retard that started the NAFTA bullshit. this
    fucker should have been removed from the presidential office because he is
    a fucking LIAR & probably a thief too! just one more fuckers grave i’d like
    to piss on…

  14. No SHAMnesty says:

    Why should anyone believe that people who broke the rules in the first
    place will comply with new rules. The only rules illegal alien parasite
    criminals will comply with are the ones that don’t require anything of them
    and/or benefit them. It’s who and what illegal aliens are. Everything for
    them, the rest of us be damned. SHAMnesty is a fraud and a giveaway

  15. Salvatore Maximiliano Aiello Urbanelli says:

    You Know How You Know The Door Bell In China Cli-Ton This Is a Joke

  16. jimmysudar says:

    clinton’s thoughts are always so easy to get your mind around. (i hope
    chelsea isn’t as shallow as the quips about the wedding would indicate.)

  17. Giovanna N says:

    @colindominy What is the response of the president, who took an oath to see
    to it that federal laws are faithfully executed? He is siding with the
    law-breakers. Obama has done everything BUT his duty to enforce the law .
    Your country like mine is being balkanized. Acountry that has no borders is
    no longer a country is it?

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