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Election of 2012: Chris Christy Immigration ...

Chris Christy Immigration:

Republican Governor Chris Christie praises President Obama and Slams Fox News !!!. Also In an interview on NBC, Christie called Obama “outstanding” for expediting relief efforts. He also told MSNBC that Obama “deserves great credit.” “He ga…

8 Responses to “ Election of 2012: Chris Christy Immigration ”

  1. RightWingHunter666 says:

    Lol I love how those heels on Fox News start trying to figure out what next
    to ask Christie once they realize he is not on there to play partisan

  2. Pete Mashburn says:

    christie keeps it real. nobody was worried about politics besides fox news.
    in a disaster who the hell cares about politics? dumb shit.

  3. lulumariemissypu says:

    Did he switch parties yet?

  4. Richard Collins says:

    People needed the president to come through for them, and he did. This is a
    good example why we have a government shutdown now.

  5. josepacheco757 says:

    Wow did any of you guys see those bullshit headlines?

  6. 666ofdoom says:

    Fox news didn’t like when Christie back up Obama support

  7. DeeDee Ace says:

    A man of Honor

  8. scifake says:


+ four = 12

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