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Chris Christie ‘Lightning Round’ On ...

Chris Christy Immigration:

Chris Christie ‘Lightning Round’ on Gun Control, Immigration. Fox News Sunday. Chris Christie, spoke to Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace in a wide-ranging interview about how Republicans can win in blue states, what he thinks of his crit…

9 Responses to “ Chris Christie ‘Lightning Round’ On ”

  1. Okemicco says:

    That glutinous ball of dog doody is a filthy global-socialist and he should
    be flogged for it.

  2. Joebell2412 says:

    what i like about him is that he isn’t a republican first, he’s an american
    first. more politicians should look up to him because what we don’t want is
    blame going back and forth; what we want is for people to sit down and come
    up with logical solutions to our problems as well as justly representing
    the people’s views. he does that in every way. i’m voting for him if he
    runs and i’m a registered democrat.

  3. Brian Norcross says:

    Its January 8th, 2014; has anybody seen Chris Christie in the past 24
    hours? I wonder where he could be…

  4. David Nieman says:

    fatty lol jk

  5. Shami-Amourae says:

    “If you like your gun, you can keep it.”

  6. JerseyPrepper says:

    christie is a liberal he has no chance he will be another romney moderate
    failure, i live in n.j dont be fooled he has stabbed gun owners in the back
    time and time again, he talks about talking to all sides for 4 years he has
    refused to even have a meeting with the president of NJ2AS n.j’s largest
    pro gun group

  7. Ron Mills says:

    Fox News “Christi Too Moderate” Please give me one issue, that Christi is
    “Moderate On” New Jersey Voters are MORONS

  8. Rivr Styx says:

    To moderate on gun control and immigration as was shown in this video. He’s
    all about Chris Christie not about the country. You can see he’s full of it
    and doesn’t answer a question truthfully.

  9. Les Grossman Best of YouTube - News & Politics says:

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