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Campaign Commercials Nuclear Fire Show – ...

Hillary Clinton Immigration:

Nuclear Fire Show – 6/9/14. Hillary Clinton, Immigration, the state of the USA.

7 Responses to “ Campaign Commercials Nuclear Fire Show – ”

  1. Kevin J. Stoll says:

    We’re all tired bro and frustrated… get’s really old some days. Just
    got to step back and take a breath……and pray

  2. Fawn Thurston says:
  3. caregiver7751 says:

    Should i call in?

  4. caregiver7751 says:

    We are there dude ! 

  5. caregiver7751 says:

    All that is gone !

  6. spacebunz says:

    Caregiver7751 brought me here.

  7. spacebunz says:


2 × = eight

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