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News: Election New ...

Clinton 2016:

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON -2016-. IF AMERICA IS STUPID ENOUGH TO VOTE HER IN WE WILL GET WHAT WE ASKED FOR….. DISCLAIMER: This video rant is for entertainment purposes only. This raw brand …

20 Responses to “ News: Election New ”

  1. DefianceGal says:

    if this stupid bitch runs, i hope palin runs and stomps her ass into the
    ground if america wants a woman president lol

  2. ThatGuy182545 says:

    Asshole Libtards will vote fol Hillary because they’re asshole Libtards.

  3. MsRyland511 says:

    It’s sad that we can never get decent politicians…all of them are so
    fucking greedy for money and power!!!

  4. Gabychan13 says:

    We don’t need another socialist in the White House because it didn’t work
    out in this country.

  5. K1NG KULL says:

    Fuck that bitch!! I aint voting this year

  6. Celthor says:

    My best friend told me he hopes Hillary Clinton wins in 2016, because Bill
    Clinton will help her run the country. *shake my head*

  7. Bruce Shepard says:

    Because of Whitewater, Ugly Daughter and Intern Dick Slobber, the Bitch is

  8. Bubba James says:

    Politicians sure the fuck Aint Saviours, Whether they be repukes or
    Dumbasscrats, both are Globalist controlled puppets. I despise politicians
    with a damn passion. George Carlin was right when said, “America Is
    Finished” , we are headed for a collapse that will make Ancient Romes
    collapse seem like Childs play.

  9. darthsideous1968 says:

    You raise a VERY good point with this!

  10. CreamPie9uy says:

    Look up the Clinton body count. Fuckin’ fuckin’ fuckin’ evil bitch. The
    whole world is fucked if this cunt gets in, although I doubt your other
    ‘choices’ aren’t suckin’ on the same shadowy elite dick.

  11. califgirl101 says:

    I’ll be damned if I’ll even vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack “The
    Problem” Obama for a third term! Hell he may never seek a third term at the
    rate this country is still goin down the shitter!

  12. MsPOOFILICIOUS says:


  13. Ray Morriss says:

    Definition of Dippy Bitch- See Hillary Clinton

  14. RantWithJeff says:

    That’s a rant !

  15. GoneCyco says:

    All I can say is REMEMBER BENGHAZI!

  16. Will224000 says:

    President Elizabeth Warren 2016

  17. Rickey85 says:

    I have never voted and never will. Fuck Osama Barrack Obama, and Hitlerey

  18. RantWithJeff says:

    ohhhhh f*ck is right !!

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