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Hillary 2016 ...

Hillary 2016:

Bill Clinton on Hillary‘s 2016 hopes: She’d rather be a grandmother than president. Former President Bill Clinton discussed with the “CBS This Morning” co-hosts Hillary’s new position at the Clinton Global Initiative and what she has planned…

25 Responses to “ Hillary 2016 ”

  1. Tony Capony says:

    Good ! stay a grand ma and teach you grand kids not to lie like you did.
    NOT a good presidential candidate ! Overwhelming evidence has now been
    uncovered to prove that the statement made about the diplomats killed in
    Bengasi made by Clinton was false, and that she did indeed deny requests
    for help for them, Communications such as e-mails have been uncovered,
    viewed by members of Congress, that prove repeated requests for additional
    security were denied at the highest levels of the State Department. The
    report lays direct blame on Clinton, who personally gave approval to the
    systematic withdrawal of help from Benghazi as far back as April 2012. She
    needs to be FIRED !

  2. Martin Conterez says:

    I want her to be a grandmother and president. IJS.

  3. jay reeves says:

    Him and his ugly, disgusting, old, dyke wife belong in front of a fucking
    firing squad, can’t wait for both of these criminal pieces of shit to die.

  4. orlos The Druid says:

    Secretary of State with a record of letting 4 American Embassy employees
    die at the hands of our enemies needlessly.

    I have done research on Hillary and Bill and I see these 2 as evil,
    despotic, tyrants who would do ANYTHING to get power and ANYTHING to keep

    These 2 care NOTHING about people, all they want is power OVER people.

  5. simpsoned27 says:

    That is a LIE. She is consumed with becoming the first female president.
    What a load of horse pucky.

  6. jae says:

    Shes probably a great person, but please: No more Clintons! I guess Bill
    will be president for 8 more years , too much drama! The presidency is not
    owed to anyone, we need fresh new faces.

  7. peter williams says:

    please, please, please no more Clintons!!!! as Nancy used to say….JUST
    SAY NO!!!

  8. David C says:

    I don’t think Hillary wants to run for president. She was pretty much her
    husband right-hand back in the 90s. She also experienced the burden of
    working for Obama.

  9. James Allen says:

    all we need another crazy person in white house screw are country
    more.Hillary is Evil & crazy & lier & murder.

  10. Philip Nute says:

    Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence in industrial design is a
    policy of planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it
    will become obsolete. Planned obsolescence has potential benefits for a
    producer because to obtain continuing use of the product the consumer is
    under pressure to purchase again.
    Does capitalism, as a system, have planned obsolescence built into it?
    (“All fiat currencies must return to their intrinsic value, zero” Voltaire)
    Can this be found in Adam Smith’s book ‘The Wealth of Nations’? philipnute
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  11. Speakingsense says:

    OH THANK GOD! She was already president for 8 years…..we don’t need her

  12. Kurt Arnold says:


  13. Muhammad Islam says:

    They both will be great grandparents and their grand child also will rule
    the whole world, one day! 

  14. Mike Hutchinson says:

    Bush, Clinton suspicious death lists, body counts

  15. gstanz67 says:

    @ir10031981 We already had a female President. Bush Sr. was born a female
    and is a post-op transsexual…..Listen to his voice…Its obvious.

  16. madisonelectronic says:

    Bill you are and have always been a lying piece of shit.

  17. gstanz67 says:

    I would vote for Bill if he could run again.

  18. SillaniTu Yatub says:


  19. JoseCleveland says:

    I ended this ordeal that they have In Buffalo NY with my religion, I
    working at HUD was discussed by the two towns 11 miles away & they opted
    for the no fbi effective interventions in 1990-93 while we were like
    some died a few yrs later due to the effects of drugs but we only know
    that…with reflection or after they die & there are too many of them young
    & dying, the non-effective interventions were planned by the CIA highs who
    were 14 yrs my senior & befriended me in the classrooms of our high school
    and outside & were supposed to be same age as us or 15-18. One headed Cuba
    with his girlfriend, Reagan’s favorite Female Agent like his daughter &
    another son but they were older than I by 14 yrs. so they did not go into
    the news and were not known until “Ann got off of 700 club where she hosted
    show as fbi agent for 20yrs” or until 2011.
    We look for Govt interventions due to HUD was attacked & some of us later
    in life… like war attacks done by CIA drugs like LSD/acid and they give
    it to us. People were reportedly under their desks. If given enough times,
    they have no memory when they wake up and ‘can be transported to
    other countries without knowing it until they are there & can remember back
    to when they were told about it’.
    Why is Benghazi a big deal? Because.
    Is it the same country as some of these HUD events? yes.
    Therefore we still seek interventions, no one knows if it could happen
    again until they can show up again & in your driveway walking by…that’s
    how free they are.
    But Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing is big in 1995 and that really marks
    it for many people. Sufficient were the 5 yrs or from 1990-1995 for the fbi
    to intervene and put some connections between the crimes/terrorists acts
    and us at HUD. They continue to happen but no one puts it together & some
    say it is due to Kane from HUD in ’90s went on tv religion or the Putin
    ordeal below. Untrue. 

  20. crazyhorse1369 says:

    Good, we don’t need her feminazi dumb ass.

  21. randyskierRHeggen says:

    Well slick Willy, we will do ALL we can to make sure being a Grandma is ALL
    thats in her future. Hey Bill, hows Monica doing?

  22. Maestrohbill says:

    Oh hogwash, Bill!!! This woman would sell your member if it would get her
    elected President.

  23. larry warner sr. says:


  24. TheOuskie says:

    That is all the make up you are seeing.

  25. playpaltalk says:

    Bill Clinton and Hillary are madly in love with each other

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