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Hillary 2016: Today News ...

Hillary 2016:

Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run: ‘I Do’ Wrestle With Running. The former secretary comments on the 2016 election in an interview with New York Magazine.

25 Responses to “ Hillary 2016: Today News ”

  1. Nasty Ho says:

    @ E Mark

    Oh look another fuck tard

  2. TheFinnmacool says:

    If she runs I will definitely be spurned from my political apathy and
    actively campaign against her. Ohhhhhh hayle yes.

  3. Rod Wagner says:

    Hillary 2016!

  4. Kurt Flores says:

    If Hillary becomes President, does that make Bill the First Man?

  5. TheFinnmacool says:

    What ever happened with the Vince Foster issue?

  6. Johnny Kat says:

    killery is a turd and needs to be flushed….

  7. Nuno Pestana says:

    Charles Mingus 2016!!!

  8. Nuno Pestana says:


  9. thesparta1812 says:

    As long as Jeb Bush or a Teabagger doesn’t get in the white house i think
    we’ll be good Hopefully its Clinton vs Christie in 2016 so we’ll get a good
    president either way

  10. Joseph Turner says:

    i don’t knowwhat her call is but she looks fresher maybe a life style lift
    for the road ahead.wish she had of called for diplomacy on syria rather
    than the war monger stance she took.dangerous group think she should be
    wary.but yeah i think american women are more than capable more so than our
    gender in these times.ladies are less likely to be to macho

  11. Pogi M says:

    nerdycanadian…..are u even american? :P

  12. Zach Hontiveros Pagkalinawan says:

    She should get Elizabeth Warren as her VP.

  13. B Toughdogyt says:

    The First lesbian to run for President…..go HC

  14. Heart Breaker 2014 says:

    she has no ballz to fight

  15. kragerin says:

    Oh, yeah. That will be the main Republican challenge if she runs in 2016.
    Nobody has a crystal ball. Bush could have forestalled 911 otherwise. I
    doubt if that attack will hold much water compared to the ‘not so under the
    table’ election manipulation attempts by Republicans in 2012 if you want to
    dredge up “‘dirty laundry”. Respond if you like…that is my last word and
    it’s all that is necessary.

  16. LongDic Nate says:

    she will make american kitchens the best kitchens

  17. E Mark says:

    Another sheep that will themselves be stripped their 2nd amendment rights.

  18. Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu says:

    :) If I would be mean,but I’m not,at would say that:at least she will not
    have extramarital affairs.Dear Hilary Clinton will be %100 committed to her
    Presidential duties.:)

  19. billyc2010 says:

    Jessie Ventura for President!

  20. Daniel Johnston says:

    Your as dumb as a Democrat, All you morons think,That if a Democrat is
    elected that some how that’s good for the Country.. But if a Republican is
    the winner Well that hurts your little Liberal Feelings But you Know that
    the Country will start to turn around and get back to work. But if We get
    One More President that is as Screwed up as The One we Have now It will
    take Generations to dig out of hole that We’ll be in

  21. Daniel Johnston says:

    They don’t do anything in a hurry just ask the the 4 dead Americans that
    were waiting on Her and The President for help in Benghazi. Now over a year
    and the Families of the 4 are still waiting but don’t get in a hurry
    Hillary it wasn’t Your Daughter Begging for Help .So like you said “What
    difference doe’s it make” ? Not One Bit to You !

  22. kragerin says:

    So, the residing president has made “a mess” because he is black and we
    would only make things worse by voting for Hillary because she is a
    “woman”? Is that about it? Just want to put your opinion into a succinct
    statement…it makes it more clear.

  23. starview1 says:

    Hilary has too much baggage, like benghazi,and the mishandling of events
    leading up to it and after it, that’s simple fact.

  24. samuraiman691 says:

    amen ,,,

  25. re2dance says:

    sure hope she decides to run…she cld teach these men a thing or’ve got my vote

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