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Hillary 2016 Steve Kroft on Hillary 2016 Online ...

Hillary 2016:

Steve Kroft on Hillary 2016. Steve Kroft on Hillary Clinton running for President: “If she’s healthy, I think she’ll run.” For more CNN videos, check out or vi…

8 Responses to “ Hillary 2016 Steve Kroft on Hillary 2016 Online ”

  1. jag10 says:

    Bush / Rubio 2016!

  2. Twostones00 says:

    Hey TeaNN, Sarah Palin is avalable. If you are going to suck at news you
    may as well have another circus clown to complement Piers Morgan.

  3. jag10 says:

    Hillary / Moochie 2016!

  4. thedavid00100 says:

    Alex Jones has taught you well. Now crawl back to your Infowars cavern.

  5. TheImpeacher says:

    Two ASSHOLES, Suckin on Obama’s Ass/

  6. Micha EL says:

    What difference will it make now ?

  7. bankerpuppetobama says:


  8. Sean D. Van de Riet says:

    Marco Rubio 2016!

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