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Hillary 2016 Campaign Videos – 2012 ...

Hillary 2016:

Hillary Clinton Finally Admits She is Running For President in 2016. The ‘White American Brain’ Finally Goes Haywire in Spectacular Fashion:–White-American-Brain–Fina…

6 Responses to “ Hillary 2016 Campaign Videos – 2012 ”

  1. poodlesusan says:

    we’ll see how much further our nation can descend into roiling hatred
    during that campaign & her administration, if elected. what an era, this
    struggle between democrats & the party of bigots in the internet age. it’s
    time for the gop to die, & the green party to take its place.

  2. Nick Bellantoni says:

    She would be an excellent president for this country, and it would
    encourage more people to get involved in politics and government.

    Now the issue is not would she win if she runs, but will her running get
    more democrats elected to the house and senate in 2016.

    I think that she can bring more than enough voters to the polls to change
    the number of democrats in the house to a majority, plus add more to the
    democratic majority in the senate.

    And another issue to follow would be who she would nominate for federal
    judicial positions if she gets elected.

    I would like to see more women in the us. Supreme court, and in other
    federal judicial positions than we have now

  3. polo_man says:

    I would love to see kerry run. If he does he will win.

  4. sadat mousa says:

    she work for the lobbyist interest.

    American people start waking up.


  5. politicalarticles says:
  6. John Reynaga says:

    Stop watching TV people. You are being lied to every day and even
    brainwashed. Learn about who the Jesuits are. The truth is that we have
    already lost our country and the media is completely controlled. Our
    rights and our futures are being destroyed.

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