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Hillary 2016 2012 Presidential Candidate ...

Hillary 2016:

Alex Imitates Trendy Gun Grabbing Liberal for Hillary 2016. Stay in the know – Follow Alex on Twitter: ‘Like’ Alex on FACEBOOK –……

25 Responses to “ Hillary 2016 2012 Presidential Candidate ”

  1. 7Gaming7Remedy7 says:

    hahaha I knew there was A REASON that I added this to my favorites! Jones
    is the bomb

  2. jbrownTrex says:


  3. butter East says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  4. BigBrotherPinkie says:

    I’m not talking about Alex someone was asking what a loon was.

  5. cavalrytm says:

    “There is something positive to take from this” “465 likes and 564
    dislikes” No man, there isn’t. In fact, that’s even more frightening.
    That’s almost a 50/50 split on votes! Proof that we’re pretty much going to
    need a civil war here, the people are split right down the f***ing middle.

  6. Biobo Vieri says:

    ur jus jelly cuz OBOMA is the best US prez in history

  7. Lee Gillaspie says:

    he’s not an Alex Jones fan

  8. Spencer Zweber says:

    Alex Jones is cray cray even when he is right.

  9. convert313 says:

    absolutely stunning ahahaaha very humorous,

  10. bunkermh says:

    Friggin’ hilarious!!! Thank you, Alex!

  11. Steve King says:

    Of cause I am. You of all people should understand, It’s a clowns story”
    I’m not your God or anyone else’s. I’m just the God of this planet” and yes
    not a lot of people know me”

  12. Bo Dangle says:

    LMAO love Alex. That comment section was obviously rigged by CNN to promote
    Hillary and Gun laws. Someone give Alex an Oscar.

  13. lenise2688 says:

    Bravo Alex! You nailed it! Can’t Hillary Clinton just go away?????? She
    makes me sick just looking at her.

  14. a1hardwood says:

    so is she saying that she wouldnt stop someone from harming her daughter,by
    any means posible?and when the government wants to take all guns,that is
    when we need them the most.

  15. EL Arma says:

    Obama and the Media act like its a wild wild west show out there. There are
    millions of guns in America and its not like the wild west.

  16. websuspect says:

    Its a south park voice. Stanly. Stanly from south park.

  17. krjourneyfan78 says:

    I bet bedtime stories read by Alex to his kids are quite entertaining.
    ….. :-) lol.

  18. convert313 says:

    Alexs’s voice actually reminds me of the frog wife neighbour to rocko off
    rockos modern life ahaha scary

  19. Connie Nesmith says:


  20. osvaldo socorro says:

    “statistically they do more harm than good” what a damn idiot so more guns
    in an area means theres more crime? i hate stupid people who think they
    know everything then once you slap them with knowledge they contradict what
    they say.

  21. Lee Gillaspie says:

    “one day the south is gonna rise again!” are you retarded? this isn’t about
    south or north, it’s about EVERY american as in “We The People” take back
    our country and government from the foreign bankers that control it along
    with most the world

  22. Lee Gillaspie says:

    he talks about more than guns

  23. KlMlS says:

    and away from Zeta Reticuli aliens.

  24. Lee Gillaspie says:

    you’re retarded

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