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Headline News Clinton 2016 ...

Clinton 2016:

Race For White House in 2016 – Chris Christie – Hillary Clinton – Fox News Sunday Panel – 2-16-14. The Fox News Sunday Panel weighs in with a compelling discussion over the impact of “Bridgegate” for Governor Chris Christie presidential bid. FNC’s Chris Wa…

12 Responses to “ Headline News Clinton 2016 ”

  1. fireonice233 says:

    And they are shitting in their pants over hillary.

  2. Danny Kroll says:

    Forget the RIGHT & LEFT bullshit! Don’t get caught up in DEMOCRATS vs
    REPUBLICANS nonsense. It’s about Zionist vs Communism and they’re inside
    both parties and we’re stuck in the middle with the U.S. Constitution
    rammed up our ass. The media has confused the public, Americans now support
    DEMOCRACY instead of a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC which we were founded on.
    Christie Clinton or Hillary Bush is the same TRAITOR, LIAR & DECEIVER.
    Bush=Obama=Christie=Clinton =UN…….Not America…not us. Get SMART!
    Support the TEA PARTY it’s about FREEDOM not RACE! Pro BILL OF RIGHTS!

  3. Sook Meehof says:

    Hilary shouldn’t have been allowed into politics after White Water come

  4. vbrunt says:

    Christy cozied up with Obama and bad-mouthed the Republican Party. He
    backed Obama by not backing Romney, and as the Dems say, “not making a
    choice is making a choice.” Christy has no backbone and a poor leader,
    otherwise people working for him would have never gotten involved in
    corruption like “Bridge-Gate” firing his staff cuz he didn’t
    know……really.? He didn’t know. then he is no better than Obama.

  5. Mick Psyphon says:

    Hilary would be just as bad as Obama.
    Conversely, while Christie would be better, he’d still be an awful

  6. fireonice233 says:

    These fox cocksuckers are covering Chris Christie with the attitude of
    saying “A report says that Christy” They aren’t covering anything about
    Chris Christy. Imagine the same scandal involving Obama, they would be
    going to town over it!

  7. MrKen Pon says:



    [ Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters - Full ]


    [ The Clinton's Dead Friends ]

    Should be more than ’nuff said’

    As for Christie, I believe he’s a RINO — although I’d give him my vote
    against Hillary or any Dem for that matter

  8. Lukas Breen says:

    These “old-style” progressive Republicans are on the way out. He’s not the
    “most electable” he’ll just lose like McCain and Romney before him.
    American Libertarian Conservatism is what’s popular. Run a true
    conservative like Rand Paul, and Republicans will be in power again.

    Americans are weary of progressivism, why would Republicans want to run as


    Good old boy or girl club. Don’t feed us your propaganda. 

  10. Tom Lehner says:

    The Fox News Sunday Panel weighs in with a compelling discussion over the
    impact of “Bridgegate” for Governor Chris Christie presidential bid. FNC’s
    Chris Wallace hosts the panel comprised of George Will (Syndicated
    Columnist), Kirsten Powers (USA Today Columnist), Kimberly Strassel (The
    Wall Street Journal), and Charles Lane (The Washington Post). 

  11. danielxu94560 says:

    I will bring them again also out of the land of Egypt, and gather them out
    of Assyria;
    Zechariah 10:10.

    Exodus one more time.

    Daniel 11:20 will soon to pass. Are you ready for the “vile person” comes
    to the world stage?


  12. cotton9386 says:

    Christy became toast as to running for President when he hugged Obozo after
    Sandy. Same with Rubio when Shumer played him for a patsy on immigration.
    Stick a fork in both of them.

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