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2012 Republican Presidential Candidate and ...

Clinton 2016:

Clinton 2016 Sheds ’08 Losers. Good news! If there is a Hillary Clinton 2016, it won’t include the likes of Harold Wolfson and Mark Penn… This clip from the Majority Report, live M-F at …

16 Responses to “ 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate and ”

  1. brandnutopian says:

    We’ve already got IT.

  2. AmericanNohbuddy says:

    Idiotic idea.

  3. AldanFerrox says:

    Warren 2016

  4. LacusTheDestroyer says:


  5. MEpianist says:

    Hello no to Lucifer Clippity Clop Clinton in 2016! No more triangulation!
    No more political dynasties!

  6. TheRhinehart86 says:

    God I hope Ventura runs, seeing what his opponents would do with stuff like
    his interviews with Alex Jones or talking to time travelers in Las Vegas or
    talking about how Denver Airport is an Illuminati hot-spot would be
    hilarious. If you thought Ron “water fluoridation is a jewish plot” Paul
    was disregarded, wait until the mainstream gets a load of Jesse “HAARP is a
    CIA mind-control weapon” Ventura.

  7. Evirthewarrior says:

    I would rather see Elizabeth Warren in there. But we will probably end up
    with Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton. They will be against Chris
    Christie/Marco Rubio Possibly Rand Paul he is liked much better than his
    father by the republican base.

  8. Teresa Fawkes says:

    Funny to see Sam correct somebody’s pronunciation of a proper name — he
    massacres names all the time LOL

  9. brandnutopian says:

    Not if one hopes to win.

  10. brandnutopian says:

    A former Black Panther Party member for president? That’ll happen.

  11. youngbuck189 says:

    Me 2016

  12. charles woods says:

    Sorry to have to tell you liberals on here but the Democratic party is
    finish . The truth is coming out that the democratic party put a fraud and
    usurper in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama . As
    for Ms Clinton she is done so stick a fork in her after the Benghazi fiasco
    . But sorry to say there will be a number of republicans going down with
    this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama . The American people are
    starting to wake up.

  13. HiSpeedDrifter says:

    Hillary must run because, some how somewhere, there’s a baby she hasn’t
    killed yet.

  14. Dino Di Lucido says:

    Her performance as Secretary of State was an abysmal failure as she only
    managed to destroy 1 country instead of 3 like she was supposed to. Do you
    really want a lying failure like this in the Executive Office? We need a
    President who will destroy ALL of Israel’s enemies rather than just one and
    then who gives up. Hillary Clinton is a lying quitter & you can’t have a
    quitter for President.

  15. MilitantAntiTheist says:

    Hillary Clinton is Obama II. PLEASE don’t get behind her for President. We
    need to get behind a true progressive candidate for President, not Hillary

  16. Mahbubul Alam says:

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