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A Look Into Romney’s Religion, Mormonism: ...

Romney Mormon:

A look into Romney‘s religion, Mitt Romney’s Mormonism [HD] Video – 2012 Elections” href=”http://www.theelection.tv/health-care/richard-dawkins-lawrence-krauss-mitt-romneys-mormonism-hd-video-2012-elections/”>Mormonism. For many voters, getting to know Mitt Romney as a candidate also means sorting out facts from fiction about Mormonism. For more CNN videos, check out our You…

25 Responses to “ A Look Into Romney’s Religion, Mormonism: ”

  1. americanman81 says:


  2. Jiddu Krishna says:

    Mormonism will change this world if it starts to embrace the truth, and starts to get rid of its myths: /watch?v=WDHYqyiPBxk

  3. ThePoreproductions says:

    And I’m sure that the president of the mormon church, Thomas S. Monson, would want Romney to be president of the U.S. as well.

  4. ThePoreproductions says:

    I want the united states to be lead by a mormon(say like Romney for example). Because I’m a mormon myself.

  5. HereWeAreToLive says:

    Every real Mormonist needs to see this video : watch?v=WDHYqyiPBxk

  6. Kay Bell says:

    Here’s an excerpt from the book, “Can Mitt Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church VS The Office of the Presidency of the United States of America”, which reveals the facts about the polygamous roots in Mitt Romney’s family: “Polygamy was prominent throughout Mitt Romney’s family tree. Mormon Church genealogical records, among the most detailed and complete of any religion, show that two of Mitt Romney’s great-grandfathers had five wives and at least one of his great-great grandfathers had 12.

  7. jaromsmiss says:

    “God made a mistake when he told the “prophet” he wanted polygamy”

    u would say this SMH YOu would also probably be a pharsiee too, calling out christ for saying he was the redeemer. You would probably say that God was making a mistake by doing away with the law of Moses when christ came lol

  8. jaromsmiss says:

    It seems that u lack an understanding of some of the basic documents we have in the new testament. 

  9. jaromsmiss says:

    Jesus Christ organized a church when he was on the earth. He called twelve men to be his apostles, and even organized a seventy. It speaks of pastors teachers and deacons all being in the true church. Its obvious that organization was on the earth when christ was on it. This organization was formed to benefit the saints and to UNITE them.
    its not that christ could not do it himself. Its here to benefit gods children. its BIBLICAL for cryin out LOUD!

  10. Adalberto Modes says:

    OK, let me get this straight…God made a mistake when he told the “prophet” he wanted polygamy…Then, he changed his mind. When Jesus said on the cross it is finished, he didn’t know what he was talking about and came back to some Joseph Smith to “restore” the gospel, since he (jesus) could not do it himself. Man, what a story! My God, the Lord Jesus Christ died on that cross 2000 years ago, and he said it was FINISHED! I don’t need LDS or Joseph Smith to teach me anything. I already know!

  11. Wyatt Mortensen says:

    and btw the Book of Mormon is not a sequel.. -_-

  12. Wyatt Mortensen says:

    why did it matter his religion anyways? who cares if he’s a mormon, catholic, jew, black, white, why couldnt we look at his skills, his person?

  13. Mona fifita says:

    Mormons say the Bible is not to be trusted but how can ya’ll say that when there is NOT ONE evidence that is found that proves the book of mormon is true..the map in the book still no one up this day has no idea where the heck those so called major cities are..so you know what that means = FALSE DOCTRINE FROM THE DEVIL HIM SELF

  14. Mi Ham says:

    mormons dont conquer

  15. Mi Ham says:

    he loves everybody but in the end there usally a famine and the people repent

  16. TheArtistintraining says:

    I appreciate your attitude in this. Most people don’t care if they are wrong and will simply want to argue haha. I like you already :)
    We do believe that native Americans are *descendants* of a group in the Book of Mormon called the Lamanites. And by no means do we think of them as evil.
    We believe that punishment is given for one’s own sins. Not for Adam’s or any ancestor’s mistakes.

  17. cgsrtkzsytriul says:

    I apologize if I am incorrect; however, how am I incorrect? 

  18. daschristoff45 says:

    God damn fucking mormons!

  19. TheArtistintraining says:

    No we don’t.
    Gah you people all think you’re so smart. Educate yourself and THEN think of yourself as smart :)
    Third party sources do not qualify as sources for LDS doctrine.

  20. rosipm101 says:

    “I can’t imagine anything more awful then polygamy” That’s right. Now or when his ancestors were doing it. Only as far back as his grandfather who fled to Mexico to elude the law and continue his practise.

  21. uniko098 says:

    @rfhsbwi yeah yeah we all know that! DUDE! if your bored check this good time waster! –> bit.ly/TBlSe4?=shtji

  22. cgsrtkzsytriul says:

    Mormons seriously believe as their stated theology that Native Americans are a lost tribe of Israel, and that they are all evil. I can’t wait until their stupid religion dies.

  23. Drewscifer666 says:

    Religion is society’s only acceptable mental illness… But I don’t even consider this a religion. If your stupid enough to believe in this you should hang out with the Scientologists and lord xenu.

  24. Kalkas53 says:

    hardly he went against his own grandmother over that wack job preacher
    not that this makes a differance anymore though

  25. mycheesedguitar says:

    Which is why Obama made a very clear statement separating himself from the views of the guy and his church.

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