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Republican 2012 Candidate – Hillary ...

Hillary Clinton Health Care:

Hillary Clinton Healthcare First Speech. Hillary Clinton speaking at the Healthcare First event during the Democratic National Convention. August 27, 2008. Video starts a bit late, but all that’s mi…

2 Responses to “ Republican 2012 Candidate – Hillary ”

  1. Brandy Allen says:

    dumb fucking cunt bitch

  2. Brandy Allen says:

    i meant to end that message on facebook.. i apoligize for the foul language
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2012 Voter Comments

  • Christy Tax Cheat Presidential Election 2012:

    MonkeyMagic88 said: Google this - Alex Jone Interviews David Mayer De Rothschild - global warming is a Rothschild Banking Mafia invention to further enslave YOU !!! [read more]

  • Christy Tax Cheat Presidential Election 2012:

    uncgeog said: @sostainability Your argument simply stinks. What is mainstream climate science? Sounds like a political notion. His work with Roy Spencer on the satellite record has been published all over in high impact journals and no one disputes his findings. His reference to forecasting is short-term forecasting, like what the National Weather Service does. He's a climatologist, not a meteorologist. He works in academia, not an industry - he has not taken a dime from "industry" that you refer. [read more]

  • Christy Tax Cheat Presidential Election 2012:

    uncgeog said: @sostainability Yes, with more CO2 there will be warming, but what we've seen in the past half century is not what Hansen and his cronies thought would happen back in 1988. Business as usual has to change? Do you know what happens to people who don't have energy? --- THEY DIE! You are probably alive today because we know how to push electrons. [read more]

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