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(RAW) Joel McHale Zings Gov. Christie at WH ...

Chris Christy Health Care:

(RAW) Joel McHale zings Gov. Christie at WH Correspondents’ Dinner 2014. Joel McHale takes a stab at Governor Chris Christie at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. More from CNN at To license this and other…

5 Responses to “ (RAW) Joel McHale Zings Gov. Christie at WH ”

  1. Xenophene01 says:

    Christy is going to threaten that comedian like ex-senator Grimm did with
    the reporter. Instead of throwing him off the balcony he will throw in some
    BBQ sauce to eat him.

  2. drummerboy smith says:

    That was great. Nice work, Joel.

  3. Nitron DSP says:

    Joel going after Christie was unnecessary and unprofessional. It is the
    White House Correspondent’s dinner – Christie has nothing to do with White
    House Correspondence.

  4. 2JOHNNYT says:


  5. ominous450 says:

    hahahaha I felt that. Chris Christie got zinged

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