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National News Hillary Clinton Healthcare ...

Hillary Clinton Healthcare:

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s PSA on Health Care. This is video footage of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton delivering a public service announcement (PSA) on the Clinton adminstration health care plan. This…

13 Responses to “ National News Hillary Clinton Healthcare ”

  1. thank*reason says:

    she should not have voted for the Iraq War…period. That’s why Obama got
    the nomination. 

  2. halloranedward says:

    I want a female for president, I have been campaigning for her since obamas
    first year, she is a DEADHEAD and has a real simple plan for healthcare,
    education, the economy, everything. I want a DEADHEAD in the oval office !

  3. DONGOE says:

    Does Hillary make anyone else want to vomit violently?

  4. Lech Dharma says:

    ONE WORD to those that are wetting their pants over the prospect of
    “Hillary in 2016″: BENGHAZI

  5. Chatty Cathy says:

    2016 baby!!

  6. Brian Mcnaughton says:

    this is great. Americans can now call hillary the mother of obamacare,so
    when hissed off americans with no insurance go to vote in 2016,they can
    blame her and obama.

  7. vanteesomeone says:

    If Obama had not been elected, the Republican party would not have gone
    insane, guaranteeing the next Democratic candidate the win.

  8. Lanarkwow says:

    Too much makeup. Makes her look fake and plastic…

  9. Lanarkwow says:

    Meh I m just being hyper critical! I like the Clintons!!!

  10. Scoots1117 says:

    You’re joking, right? We are where we’re at with health care, thanks to the
    changes during Clinton’s Admin.

  11. Alex Humphrey Lawyer says:

    Hillary is an amazing woman my heart goes out to her. And the entire
    Clinton, family If she runs for President my vote goes to her god bless

  12. Anthony M says:

    Hillary for PRESIDENT!!!! Forget Obama…Hillary is the best!

  13. ir10031981 says:

    Hillary should have been president all along, not Barack Obama. If I had it
    my way, we’d have a first female president, Barack could wait until 2016,
    he’s young, (14 years younger than Hillary) he’s still got time.

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