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Hillary Clinton Healthcare and Hillary ...

Hillary Clinton Healthcare:

Hillary Introduces Her Plan. In a speech to doctors, nurses, and ordinary people concerned about their health care, Hillary introduces the American Health Choices Plan, which will ensure…

11 Responses to “ Hillary Clinton Healthcare and Hillary ”

  1. Paul Meade says:

    why does this sound so familiar?

  2. Jason Lampe says:


  3. sailojohn says:

    her confidence will make her win !!!!! VOTE for HILLARY

  4. Mrlinker123 says:

    Great Speech.

  5. anom123 says:

    Would this increase hospital worker paperwork which is currently about 1/2
    an hour for every one hour in the case of Medicare patients?How much will
    this cost initially?How much over the next ten years? What would you do to
    prevent the deterioration of the system so Medicare-style problems donot
    happen eg. some procedures have a VERY low price ceiling and the majority
    of those who decide the necessity of procedures not having medical training
    or even college-level training? One last thing below.

  6. tashmich says:

    You have my vote and my admiration.

  7. anom123 says:

    One of the best things that could happen to this country would be the kind
    of health care industry we deserve. So if this new health care system works
    it would be wonderful. I want to learn about this to see if it will. How do
    you plan to safeguard against fraud and measure effectiveness without
    adding supervising personnel? Further below.

  8. midwestcharm says:

    Where will the money come from to pay for this?

  9. dawarrior2 says:

    Great plan? but who will pay for it

  10. badabingboss says:


  11. wiskawind says:

    Hillary Rules! Best human being for the job; she will bring about change
    and will go down in history as the greatest Presedent America has ever had!

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