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Health Care Forum: Hillary Clinton (1 of 3) ...

Hillary Clinton Health Care:

Health Care Forum: Hillary Clinton (1 of 3). Health care forum, Las Vegas.

17 Responses to “ Health Care Forum: Hillary Clinton (1 of 3) ”

  1. SupportWeThePeopleKB says:

    Good sentiments, poor plan. Universal ≠ A not-for-profit, single payer
    health care. A medicare-type plan will meet the 5 principles of the
    Institute of Medicine: 1) universal; 2) continuous — not job-related so
    coverage travels with the person; 3) affordable to individuals and
    families; 4) affordable and sustainable for society; & 5) it should enhance
    health and well-being by promoting access to high quality care that is
    effective, efficient, safe, timely, patient-centered, and equitable.

  2. bsyarov says:

    You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. When have you ever seen
    Universal Health care in action? Do you have any personal experience? Do
    you know anybody in UH system that couldn’t choose his doctor? Vaccination
    eradicated polio. Reading your nonsense is like listening to the McCarthy
    hearings of the 50s. You would rather put up with half a trillion war
    budget than pay for your neighbor’s kidney transplant – I guess that is
    what you mean by calling yourself an American.

  3. kyeot says:

    Too bad hilary doesnt believe in Universal Healthcare for every American.
    Bill promised Universal Healthcare for everyone before he left office… we
    never saw it. Theres no reason for me to believe that Hilary would be any
    different. Mike Gravel and Dennis K. are the only two candidates that WILL
    provide Universal Healthcare. However im voting for Mike Gravel because he
    is also abolishing the IRS. Mike Gravel 08!

  4. breezytrees says:

    what about ron paul?

  5. GCRU486 says:

    you want this damn woman running your country and little lone your health
    care? the us gov. can not run a whore house in Nevada (it went bankrupt)
    and you want her to run your country?

  6. GCRU486 says:

    this is one ugly woman in person. she is the reason for feminism

  7. genYprogressive says:

    REALLITY CHECK: Health Care coverage costs $11.500 per family in 2006.
    Hillary Clinton’s “Universal” plan would cover less than 1/4 that cost.

  8. breezytrees says:

    hillary clinton’s “know it all, i’m better than you” attitude will lose her
    the election… That’s the impression i got watching the first few seconds
    of this video when the lady asked “do you wish to stand or sit?” and
    hillary just ignored her and started speaking. She needs a little
    humbleness in order for america to fall in love with her Things like this
    play a major role in electing a president-just as big, if not bigger than
    actual political views

  9. scj16 says:

    she sounded kinda bitchy when she said she’d stand at the end. the lady was
    showing hospitality thats all. If you’re at a health care forum-then you
    need to accept hospitality!

  10. OURPLAN says:

    Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. Do you really want two families running the
    country for over 28 years? I don’t buy it.

  11. William J Ellingsworth says:

    christ. did I actually say that?,, I deserve to be kicked in the head.
    gravel 08… this was before the debates

  12. 18hands says:

    I’m all for Universal Health Insurance. I know people who are sick and who
    have really good health insurance PPO and such. But they are still have to
    pay thousands because of they are discrimitated against. Has anyone
    considered having kids in this country….welcome a baby and be 10K in debt
    if their are complications because insurance refuses to pay.

  13. boomac62 says:

    You really need to do some research, and pray that you will never need
    costly healthcare. You may or may not care a bit about the plight of the
    less fortunate ,that is between you and your God or conscience, but the
    truth is that we are all connected. Pecae

  14. Pondarama says:

    Please view my video before you decide. “Spoiling for a fight? Show me what
    you got!”

  15. IPOMonster says:

    Just because Americans are uninsured doesn’t mean they can’t receive health
    care; nonprofits and government-run hospitals provide services to those who
    don’t have insurance, and it is illegal to refuse emergency medical service
    because of a lack of insurance.

  16. William J Ellingsworth says:

    Hillary is the only Democratic candidate with any plan and exeprience on
    the Issue of Health care which is in a severe crisis. I commend her for
    standing and presenting her message with passion as oppose to the other
    candidates (besides Dennis), whom sat and gave half hearted presentations
    of health care plans that they arent as commited to as Hillary. GO HILLARY!

  17. Tinatin Khomeriki says:

    if you read this you will die unless you copy this to 15 videos in 1 week
    or you wil die 2 days later

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