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Chris Christy Medicare Chris Christie Taking on ...

Chris Christy Medicare:

Chris Christie taking on Social Security and Medicare. Supersized Republican Chris Christie became the governor of New Jersey in 2010. Facing a severe budget shortfall, Christie became a man on a mission. He has …

25 Responses to “ Chris Christy Medicare Chris Christie Taking on ”

  1. OscarMaris says:

    fuck that guy

  2. EconCat88 says:

    He has a lot of weight to throw around and I hope he continues in politics.

  3. ItsMisfit says:

    He’s already cut thousands of teachers jobs, and school budgets. If he runs
    for president, and wins I’m fleeing the country. I live in New Jersey, and
    when I was in Highschool we had to cut our gym, and art program because
    Christie killed our school budget and we lost at least 12 teachers….

  4. SpyroTDragon says:

    @MrEbonymam Well, that’s your entitlement. I’m fine with it. And, Don’t
    think NJ has the highest of illegals. Why did Arizona passed the law on
    illegals? Did you know there are illegals in the New England states? It is
    a national problem. I was in Virginia many times. I like it there. I see a
    rise of illegals too. But, I don’t need to look down on other states. This
    is still my home. In America. And yes. I am a proud American. And a New

  5. MeowBlep says:

    @hjc117 Give them a break already.

  6. whythehell99 says:

    @TORREY333 Ok I’ll be sure to tell all the seniors that they’re a bunch of
    lazy bastards and parasites and that they need to keep working until they
    just drop dead and if they get sick we’ll too bad for them, just hurry up
    and die already. I bet you consider yourself a good person. Maybe you even
    think you’re a Christian. I don’t see how, but whatever. Keep fighting for
    the rich though. They need all the help they can get from suckers like you.

  7. TORREY333 says:

    @TheIr0nMike I am a Truck Driver :)

  8. sachthesage says:

    @WalterSwartz So by that logic, all stories about foreign affairs should be
    made in the native language? And stories about English speaking countries
    besides the US should be done in comically over-accented voices.

  9. SpyroTDragon says:

    New Jersey. My home state since birth. Moved twice in the state.

  10. hoosierhiver says:

    Isn’t it obvious to everyone yet that Republicanpoliticians only care about
    the rich?

  11. Team PTX says:

    @WalterSwartz trollllololol

  12. hjc117 says:

    債台高築! (n-n-adv-v) 債台是名詞

  13. Teapartyla says:

    The people who made the video are just as stupid as the people who beleive
    it. lol

  14. EsqDave says:

    @EsqDave Chris Christie shi bu hao! bu hao!

  15. whythehell99 says:

    @TORREY333 Yea making life harder for the elderly and the poor/middle class
    while favoring the rich and giving them special treatment is proof of a
    great leadership. How is this buffoon any different than all the other
    conservatives in the country who have the same mentality?

  16. DetectiveSneakyc2 says:

    If Chris Christie becomes the president, I’m going to kill myself.

  17. Dsdversbe Strike says:

    @cityguy111 and NJ just got hit by jersey Shore….

  18. cityguy111 says:

    the chinamen are commies and the nips just got hit with a 8.9
    earthquake/tsunami. like they have any right to talk about NJ…

  19. Piglatinsuperstar says:

    what a slob. some people dont care about their appearance and…right now
    republicans are so desperate, they’ll take anything

  20. ItsMisfit says:

    @TORREY333 -… I take it you’re one of the rich people? If this is your
    idea of a true leader, Hitler must be your idol.

  21. EsqDave says:

    I live in a state where our governor came in and cut taxes on those making
    $800,000+ per year, thus punching a $1.1 billion dollar hole in an already
    failing budget. And he’s gotten the sheeple morons to blame the teachers
    and the “under $…60K” State employees for his mess. If you were right,
    John, and it was class WARFARE instead of the über-rich continuing to
    sucker the middle class and poor via slick PR, at least there would be a
    chance… this isn’t WARFARE, it’s SLAUGHTER .

  22. mowkiller1 says:

    Ahaha! XXL!

  23. Sinitic says:

    @WalterSwartz If you really that annoyed by it, you could always just click
    the annotation in the top right labled “English VO” for an English

  24. TheIr0nMike says:

    @TORREY333 What do you do for a living?

  25. jugeteable jesusmiddlefinger says:

    chris christie tells it like it is, i bet some of you never heard some of
    his speeches.

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