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2012 Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton ...

Hillary Clinton Healthcare:

Hillary Clinton on Universal Health Care. Visit for more information on all of the 2008 presidential candidates.

14 Responses to “ 2012 Presidential Candidates Hillary Clinton ”

  1. rob marx says:

    she is the anti christ you are right and satan himself sitting right next
    to her If folks would have known what they call a bill was really No one in
    their right mind would have gone along with it!!That’s why the senate and
    the house doesn’t have to use it !!! It is going to bleed the life right
    out of the middle class!! If that isn’t a double standard! They should be
    forced into it just like the rest of us.Why aren’t they?Because they know
    it’s about braking the working man’s back!!! It is more of a tax than
    anything else.It will single handily bring use to our knees,you can bet on
    it.Higher policy rates less coverage for more money.You can bet big pharma
    had their fingers in it .And they never lose!Better say good by to the USA
    we used to know,because they are now ready to pull the plug on our life
    support.We are going to go down HARD!!!!!

  2. youngdkimberly says:

    I think he is the anti-christ.

  3. lizben08 says:

    Same way as Medicare that has only a 4% overhead compared to the insurance
    industries 25% profits.

  4. MuskratandRatman says:

    Oh your a doctor I’ll make this simple if every patient you had paid say
    75% less there goes 75% of your paycheck unless the government pays it.Now
    the gov. is already having a tough time paying for 20 million people.How
    300 million.If i was McCain i’d ask both democrats this.How are you going
    to pay for it.

  5. lizben08 says:

    Hillary obviously gets it and is willing to fight for it! We need you

  6. AttilaTheHun314 says:

    a single payer health care system is no hard! Cuba did it and it is one of
    the poorest countries in the world and has the best hospitals in the

  7. brutal86 says:

    She had the best plan,first Obama had the same stupid plan McCain, then he
    copied Romney care adding crap in it ,like 2.8% when you sell a house goes
    into Health care , at age 80 no matter how sharp you are , you get cut off
    , I am a Liberal he is NOT but women are not excepted that high even though
    she was smarter more experienced , I see on Boobtube , she wrote her thesis
    on Saul Alinsky , she released all , at the bottom she claimed he was the
    most dangerous Man in the USA ! Hillary Yes

  8. ChiGuy1978 says:

    Car insurance is not voluntary – it’s required by the states for all
    drivers. That’s a good thing. Likewise, everyone gets sick and everyone
    pays for those who aren’t covered. Uncovered people who procrastinate on
    getting treatment cost more to treat and have less positive outcomes. Is it
    better that someone waits to check if that lump is cancer until it spreads
    to 3 organs and can’t be eradicated? Health care needs to be required, but
    people will choose from affordable private plans.

  9. TheGeekyNinjaStudios says:

    @PaulDougouba We are a country with freedom of equality of opportunity, not
    equality of success.

  10. ronpaulvoter says:

    By taking every penny you have AND throwing all non-compliers into prison.

  11. CrowdPleeza says:

    How will Hillary enforce her mandate?

  12. loismarill says:

    REALLY? (Hit “invisible” Show)

  13. ginaswo says:

    today Obama on Snuggleupagus says a MANDATE is not a tax, flip flop flip

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