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Republican Presidential Candidate 2012 – ...

Chris Christy Foreign Policy:

“Please Don’t Let My Daughter Die!” Father Begs Gov Chris Christie. August 15, 2013 CNN

25 Responses to “ Republican Presidential Candidate 2012 – ”

  1. Peter S. López says:

    ▶ “Please Don’t Let My Daughter Die!” Father Begs Gov Chris Christie ~Pub Aug 15, 2013 #MedicalMarijuana

  2. Mauhadeeb28 says:

    If marijuana can save your kid, why the fuck are waiting on the
    government?!?! That shit is everywhere!

  3. FlowerClown says:

    Weed is simple, humans have been smoking it for thousands of years.

  4. PwnBusiness says:

    i don’t know why they even have debates anymore, it clearly makes no
    goddamn sense for the govt. to run drugs have a war on drugs and then deny
    children or people that can benefit from it health wise. absolutely no
    sense what so ever and the guy making choices is 12938129382918392 lbs
    overweight, could have a heart attack or something why would anybody
    entrust a decision on life to a man that clearly is make bad food choices.

  5. Lu Jr says:

    I’m certain he’d quickly change his decision if it were his daughter
    needing the cannabis treatment. Christie is just another example of how
    corrupt & selfish these asshole politicians are. Fuck you, Christie.. you
    fat fuck pork product; disgusting prick!

  6. Chlamydius Maximus says:

    Who are these psycho monsters who think they have a right to outlaw
    nature?! Do they have any idea how many people they’ve killed with their
    stupid ignorant egos? Deny sick children their medication because you in
    your infinite ignorance believe what, that you’re some kind of moral person?

  7. ElSmusso says:

    Time to remove Nixons dark hand over this world

  8. MrDemented669 says:

    some say we are dreamers but I know we are not the only ones.

  9. TheBoHoBoy says:

    They cannot have something as cheap as marijuana used to help people when
    big phama need to sell their shit to the public

  10. Dre4dwolf says:

    everyone has weed i dont get what the big fucking deal is….. its going to
    get legalized ….just a matter of time…….give in already

  11. FormerSaint80 says:

    I don’t smoke weed but I defend YOUR right to do whatever you want with
    your own body :-)

  12. FormerSaint80 says:

    What’s ‘funny’ is, this guy could give his kids harmful prescriptions all
    day long and there’s no problem with that, but if he got caught giving his
    kid a weed brownie to save her life, the government would take his child

  13. SuperNewf1 says:

    Imagine all the people Living life as one. ;-)

  14. chocomalk says:

    Fuck these government hacks. Weed is out there whether you legalize it or
    not. Making it legal will not change anything except giving people like him
    and his daughter a chance.

  15. CircleOfSnakes says:

    10$ says Christie vetoes. It’s not about the People, it’s about power.

  16. Mylinda Grim says:

    Grow a spin! EVERYONE knows cannabis has medical uses. If her DOCTORS want
    her to have then what’s the hold up?

  17. Witchback Great says:

    She needs cannibals oil. I hope she gets it. I have lost a child, it is
    worse then hell.

  18. im1greatman says:

    Begging for permission from government is truly the definition of slavery.
    If a “law” is unjust, it is NOT A LAW!

  19. Issei Takeru says:

    War on Drugs: Bullshit War on Terror: Bullshit War on Ignorance: Real

  20. Dan Herrera says:

    Even if it’s STILL illegal, I’m gonna use it anyways. 420 should be

  21. Niceglassgreatdubs says:

    It’s not an edible strain,

  22. MsAmericanbunker says:

    I’d give my kid the pot anyway. OMG, what is wrong with the jackals in

  23. Roger Bonner says:

    If Christie drops the ball on this one he will never make it to President ,
    the fat loaf.

  24. XGod0 says:

    Just keep feeding that fat piece of shit double battered deep-fried pure
    fat filled jelly donuts. His heart will give out.

  25. ACguernica says:

    A child being too young to receive medical benefits of cannabis but never
    too young for cancer drugs, narcotics, heart drugs, etc. We’re a wasting
    civilization bent on death.

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