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Chris Christy Foreign Policy and the Election ...

Chris Christy Foreign Policy:

Rand Paul Says Chris Christie Started It: Saying GOP Has No Room for Libertarians Was ‘Big Mistake’. 8/18/13 – On Fox News Sunday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul blamed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for starting the weeks-long intra-party feud that has reve…

9 Responses to “ Chris Christy Foreign Policy and the Election ”

  1. Trevor Sullivan says:

    I don’t trust Rand. He is way too political and not aggressive enough like
    Ron Paul.

  2. cozyfoxstudio says:

    There is no room for self defeating frauds like Christie.

  3. Dan D. Dirges says:

    The sad truth is that the Rebublican party is dying. The country is
    changing demographically. So they don’t have a chance unless they become
    like the democrats. ie, allow illegal immigration, gay marriage, pro drug
    legalization, soft on crime, etc

  4. Rod Boone says:

    Who is the bigger hypocrite Rand Paul or Chris Christie? Not literally

  5. Anders Petersen says:

    Chris Christie 2016 !

  6. JKendo7 says:

    He’s quite aggressive, and being “political,” makes him able to have a lot
    of influence within the GOP and in politics in general.

  7. Dusco25 says:

    notice after he had that so called privet meeting with Odumbo he changed
    everything he stood for.. Wonder how big the check he got?

  8. Mike Anoneemus says:

    RAND PAUL 2016 ! It’s time for real change, not just hope.

  9. jcoliver75 says:

    Great. Acting like little kids.

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