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2016 Foreign Policy YouTube Video ...

2016 Foreign Policy:

Rand Paul to visit Israel in 2016. An official trip to Israel – a must for those seeking the presidency. The election may have just ended, but several congressmen have announced they will be m…

25 Responses to “ 2016 Foreign Policy YouTube Video ”

  1. FixedByDoc says:

    so why is it necessary for american politicians to have to go to isreal in
    order to be able to run for president or congress and why do they have to
    swear an oath to isreal when they are american politicians…. (retorical
    questions) this is why we need to overthrow the usa gov now while we still
    can and take back america from the corrupt and corporate elite criminals
    who are trying to take over the world and enslave us all.

  2. Byron Stewart says:

    Most Jews are NOT zionists, so there should be no confusion at all.

  3. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    you’re right… in the mind of an evil person, like you, I must agree. – so
    why do the iraqis, afghanis, yemenese, somalians, libyans, pakis, etc etc
    etc need our help, it’s THEIR wars to fight, or? – the US makes best
    friends with the evil dictators that they support, and have assassinated
    and tried to dispose democratically elected world leaders for DECADES. –
    please don’t reply back for two reasons… 1. I don’t converse with
    unethical, fascist loving bastards… 2. you’re an idiot

  4. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    If hitler were alive today, would you be a cheerleader for his as you are
    for israel?? – 1933 – Zionists Sign a Deal with Hitler to Create Israel:
    Thanks to Hitler, 60,000 German Jews emigrated to Israel between 1933 and
    1941. Thanks to a “Transfer Agreement” between Nazis and Zionists, Jewish
    property valued at $100 million was transferred to Israel in the form of
    German industrial exports used to build Israel’s infrastructure. The
    Transfer Agreement brought in tools, raw materials,etc..

  5. snarbywrx says:

    Libertarianism is not about removing all laws. It is about government
    getting out of the way and providing opportunity for the betterment of
    one’s circumstances. It is also about personal responsibility and property
    rights. Fundamental laws are intact. Just not stupid laws like tinted
    windows on a car.

  6. eatme Goog says:

    True colors of America do not include red.

  7. shiftyaiden says:

    I completely agree. However I believe the Zionist elements are in control
    of the the influential groups currently speaking for and directing Israel’s
    future. The same way that the neo-con influence controls the GOP. I try to
    be careful and say Zionist, not Jew.

  8. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    WHY do US politicians visit Israel? – I don’t suppose that if you DID visit
    Israel that you’d go there to kiss the govts ass, would you? – I have no
    problems with people to go there to travel or do business… but that’s not
    what US politicians go there for… they go there to kiss lobbyists’ asses
    and get political and monetary backing for their next campaign.

  9. Super987987 says:

    Will Rand Paul supporters try to block a Ron Paul banner like Romney’s?

  10. TheUnclePatrick says:


  11. capucchan8 says:

    haha haha

  12. rross27 says:

    It is the responsibility of all politicians to show their true loyalty too
    Freemasonry & Rothschild IS-RA-EL (Born to protect the Suez Canal on behalf
    of Rothschild/BP Oil Contracts with Shell), by making a pilgrimage to this
    Un-Holy Land, where their asses are branded as cattle with the hexagram.
    What a shame that we have nobody in office who will stand up to this
    Bankster Cartel or the Intel Agencies it created who along with Wall Street
    & the Fed are robbing us & funding these insane wars.

  13. eight18 says:

    thats what ive been telling these morons but they dont listen

  14. Chettkat says:

    If the apple fell near the tree, if has rolled quite a ways away, and it
    looks it will roll farther……… all the way to ………..

  15. Retsu Ichijouji says:

    Ron Paul, you have my sympathy!

  16. Martin Eaton says:

    RT, that sign off by your presenter…. sigh, come on pay attention your
    slipping into that horrible school cafeteria zone which is so prevalent on
    western news shows.

  17. LombardMilitia says:

    He betrays his father’s vision and ideals, he betrays America (America as
    it should be, not America as it is), he begs for money and votes from the
    zionist lobby… He is, ultimately, another AIPAC cocksucker ready to
    please his masters just to keep his presidential hope alive.

  18. adminmovie says:

    zionist puppets !


    didn’t Ben Swann interview Rand Paul and asking him why he chose to support
    Romney? (Beyond that, do you really think Ron & Rand didn’t discuss this
    decision before hand?) As far as a visit to Israel, it is politics & they
    all have to play the game.

  20. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    so you’re ok with our allies spying on us and not getting in trouble for
    it? Like I said, RE-Learn modern US and Israel history, don’t rely on what
    obama or the mainstream media tells you. – Israel Loves America! Just look:
    “Sept 11 was good for Israel.” — Netanyahu “DON’T WORRY ABOUT AMERICAN
    AMERICANS KNOW IT.” –Ariel Sharon – the US was best friends with saddam,
    bin laden, pol pot, stalin, etc etc etc…

  21. RevolutionNewsDotUS2 says:

    another question… do you support the US govt just as you support Israel?
    - did you vote for george bush? well you MUST have, because Israel loves

  22. BannedUfos says:

    2 strikes for Rand Paul

  23. snarbywrx says:

    No you don’t understand. A Libertarian would not bail out a bank that plays
    Las Vegas with your money. The bank would be forced to fail. You would lose
    your money, but it is your responsibility to research the bank first. A
    bank that was responsible would be left alone, it wouldn’t need
    regulations. Do you see? I am not convinced that “Corporations being
    people” is a Libertarian idea.

  24. Cory G says:

    Yea because Rand Paul is going to Israel it means that he endorse Lobbying
    and corruption. Good arguments very factual and concrete. You do hit a good
    point which makes your argument invalid, Rand Paul supports stopping
    foreign aid and has raillied against going to war with Iran. I think Ron
    Paul is going to say GOOD FUCKING JOB especially since he just cosponsored
    the NDAA amendment so that Americans can not be detained without at trial.
    What the hell are you doing to help?

  25. FixedByDoc says:

    unfortunantly some of us cannot leave due to the usa gov taking away our
    passports and putting us on the no international fly list because we are
    disgruntled disabled army veterans like myself. i would leave but i cant
    gain entrance to another country without a passport thanks to american gov.

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