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Who Are the Top Republican Presidential ...

2016 Candidates:

Who are the Top Republican Presidential Candidates for 2016?. Who are the Top Republican Presidential Candidates for 2016?TJ Walker is the #1 rated Daily Internet-only liberal news video pundit (viewed at http://www.tjw…

25 Responses to “ Who Are the Top Republican Presidential ”

  1. B ukanator says:

    Rand Paul/Ted Cruz

  2. MrLtMuldoon says:

    Jon Huntsman is the best candidate the GOP can nominate. If you look at his
    record, he’s the most conservative candidate (flat tax, one of the best
    business Governors in the country), and he could absolutely beat Hillary in
    2016. He has every bit as much (if not more) foreign policy experience than
    she does.

  3. Paul Ilin says:

    Rand Paul???

  4. bestruintd says:

    Rand Paul?

  5. Seqtopus says:

    I want Chris Christie to be my President. I am Conservative. Honestly if
    the Republicans want one of theirs in the white house they need to support
    him. If they don’t they are going to get another Obama.

  6. SynchroTotal says:

    Hilllary is an obvious favorite, and if she still wants the job, all she
    needs to do is show up and she’s got it. Other than that any yet unnamed
    Democrat will beat any Republican “favorite” or not yet picked candidate.
    Republicans need not apply for the job of next White House resident. Just
    NOT gonna happen in 2016. No prayers, bribes or spins will make that Led
    Elefant fly!

  7. fretlessbass26 says:

    they’ll put up Allen west, or somebody like that, to try to get out of the
    “rich white guy” thing, and then they will put up ted cruz as VP and they
    will be crushed because Hillary will run, and she will pick Elizabeth
    warren for VP and every single woman in this country except michelle
    bachmann and Ann coulter will vote Dem, the Dems will even put wendy davis
    in for texas governor, and turn TEXAS blue. you just watch.

  8. AdmiralBlake says:

    nope, because i think obama and hillary did a great job in the first term,
    and obama and kerry are going to do a great job for the next nearly 4
    years. The republicans could win in 2016, but only if they get rid of the
    tea party, right wingers and ultra conservatives. if the republicans
    shifted more to the centre then they could win, otherwise it id the
    reoublicans who are going to lose.

  9. Physicsgoose says:

    I wasn’t making a joke, your parents did that for me. Keep voting for Ron
    Paul, splitting the Conservative vote ensures a Democratic victory. A
    Libertarian that knows grammar, rare.

  10. Awakened citizen says:

    you see, that is the problem that the GOP simply incapable of fixing. your
    more worried about playing the posture game and beating hillary than you
    are about appealing to the people by way of inspiration, moral values and
    common sense. looks like it will be the dems in 2016 again and the GOP will
    get 4 more years to learn a lesson it should have already learned..

  11. tjwalker says:

    not according to CPAC this weekend

  12. Awakened citizen says:

    well, good luck in 2016. the gop will end up endorsing another clown like
    romney as they’re candidate and i’ll be forced to vote libertarian or
    abstain all together, as will many others. i really do hope you get the
    numbers but if i’m not being given a choice that inspires me then i just
    won’t vote. really sick of all the political posturing. the only person i
    can see voting for is rand paul but he won’t get the nomination because
    he’s the son of a gop dubbed political leper.

  13. Rita Brown says:

    It almost makes me sad to see Huckabee now ballooned out. He was doing so
    well. Not very encouraging to people like me who struggled with weight gain
    and loss and gain and loss…etc.

  14. Physicsgoose says:

    Ya your pot addiction does have to do with your conspiracy theory political
    ideas. It makes you paranoid, and lowers your cognitive abilities. You are

  15. frank carter says:

    I see that you have some sarcasm but your math doesnt seem to add up????
    you should have said 4 out of the last 6 elections. thats a dem for ya

  16. tjwalker says:

    Yes i should have noted him. Paul should be able to raise significant money
    and have an organization, but I think the religious right will eat him

  17. Stingerbillion says:

    Here is my list of possible Republican candidates: Jeb Bush, Chris
    Christie, Paul Ryan, or Rubio. I can’t think of anyone else. Dems: Hillary
    Clinton (i doubt it), Elizabeth Warren (she’s not ready yet), Alan Grayson
    (though he is also not ready yet, he is mature lol), or Castro. I can’t
    think of anyone else.

  18. Matt Pratt says:

    No one with the last name Bush will be elected for a very long time I hate
    to say

  19. tjwalker says:

    Yes to Cuomo, but Booker has to hold higher office first

  20. AdmiralBlake says:

    the republicans have two options for 2016: 1. Stay conservative, right
    wing, and lose 2. head for the center prehaps a mixed ticket (race/gender)
    and try to get rid of the more tea party like figures im still not sure
    which option they will go for, prehaps we’ll see soon

  21. tjwalker says:

    they can both mount serious campaigns if they choose to

  22. xEazyC187x says:

    Actually… quick, without looking it up, how many people per year do you
    think die of smoking marijuana alone? I could probably understand where
    you’re coming from more if I have a background of your knowledge, versus
    your ignorance.

  23. xEazyC187x says:

    99% huh? Please cite your statistics, because 100% of them seem to be made

  24. tjwalker says:

    Crazy to you and me, but still mainstream within the GOP Cult.

  25. Spe Jac says:

    As a true conservative, I have to give you props, Mr. Walker. You are one
    of the few left-wing commentators that I can bear to listen to. You are
    open minded, and you don’t shove your opinions down other people’s throats.
    Keep up the good work.

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