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Romney Hood Political Video Clip ...

Romney Hood:

Obama Derides Opponent’s Plan As ‘Romney Hood‘. President Barack Obama is labeling opponent Mitt Romney’s tax plan as “Romney Hood,” saying it takes from the middle class and gives to the rich. (Aug. 7)

25 Responses to “ Romney Hood Political Video Clip ”

  1. Larry Larrison says:

    I was in nottingham the other day as well haha (for all the americans thats the birthplace of the old robin hood folklore)

  2. I White says:

    My husband busted a gut after seeing this. He had it on repeat and couldn’t stop laughing :D

  3. Josef Daniel Prince says:

    Romney Hood is gone! Obama kicked his ass!

  4. Trinavara says:

    Who won?

  5. jaykerouac2 says:

    ‘President Romney’…..get used to it.

  6. Josef Daniel Prince says:


  7. 95didde says:

    Because if Romney wins the election, not only the US will suffer.

  8. Awaveboarder says:

    obama trying to keep a serious face after his clever pun.. HAHA

  9. Yusxxlolxx says:


  10. 8bitbattles says:

    This man

  11. Grace Chang says:

    i wonder is he was just in his kitchen one day and was like..”romney hood…damn, i’m good”

  12. fallinggstarr says:

    I LOVE IT lol i’m canadian though why am i watching this

  13. boss180888 says:


  14. wolfgang Werner says:

    You Sir, are a genius!

  15. frank4U2NV says:

    …….good one……..

  16. iNey Raei says:


  17. Cammysingslive says:


  18. Allie Blake says:


  19. TheSouldier1 says:

    im a republican and im voting for obama

  20. austin neumann says:


  21. glass509 says:


  22. juliogonzalez1846 says:

    “!Obama you suck really America

  23. boss180888 says:

    and if romney doesn’t win he can resume ass-fucking you.

  24. Alex Wright says:

    At least if Barack Obama doesn’t win the election, he can get a career as a stand-up comedian

  25. MichaelGrey11 says:

    Obama is awesome haha romneyhood!

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