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2016 Election Economy Videos ...

2016 Election Economy:

An Economic Storm is approaching – Crisis begins with 2012 Election with Economic Depression by 2016. Economic forecasts tell of an approaching Economic Collapse or Crisis. States will not be able to balance their budgets in 2011 without severe cuts or massiv…

25 Responses to “ 2016 Election Economy Videos ”

  1. LesPaulCustom79 says:

    @BullionLimitedotcom If the economy collapses, gold and silver is only
    worth what someone will give you for it. If you have alot of gold and
    silver you will probably just get robbed and killed immediately if you
    start waving it around. I had rather have my arsenal of guns and ammunition
    to protect myself and procure food and water for myself. In a collapsed
    economy, people tend to understand a large caliber gun pointed at their

  2. LIONLIGHTT says:

    President Lula said on television and in newspapers that he was happy
    because the United States of America has economic problems, he is a
    political physiologist and, a bad person. I do not think so, USA is a great
    country, and has very good people.God bless the United States of America
    and the American people. I am (half) brazilian and do not live in the
    U.S.A. LULA is unscrupulous and pachydermatous.

  3. alex630710 says:

    collapse system collapse and we will finally repent

  4. chris77777777ify says:

    True video…… The trouble is the leaders of the world in the western
    world and others are corrupt living a life of a I’ll die in the next few
    years I don’t really care because they are rich. Also because they believe
    in religious texts they don’t care about economics or making the world a
    good place to be that doesn’t confuse people. They all full of shit hiding
    behind the laws of the land for protection. 150 years ago they would of
    been killed & replaced. If wars are made don’t fight but su

  5. Tony says:

    @lilmissprincess34171 That’s Fucked up… I’m white.

  6. kenneth best says:

    This is why it is absolutely critical to get someone like Ron Paul in to
    flush and scrub the Political/Economic Toilet and start over with the
    Basics in 2012.

  7. Neosaigo says:

    To the top two comments: @Mrresonate Self sustainability is not going to
    work. Of course this depend on how you make money. For majority of us,
    there are economic pains. @LesPaulCustom79 Actually it is more moronic to
    watch youtube for economic information. There are slow and stead progress
    being made all over the world. The damage was done the last decade need to
    be repaired and slowly grow back.

  8. Shrunkenhead61 says:

    Literally, most people are WAITING for the next election for someone to fix
    it… AND no one knows how bad it really is out there or really what to
    fix. Insanely scary. In fact, negligence scary.

  9. brown9ja says:

    The window of opportunity for you to take care of your family and yourself
    is closing fast,by 2011,its downhill folks..Good luck!You will need it.

  10. Nathan Allan says:

    This seems all good news that we are in recovery.

  11. Steven Isnumber says:

    a lot of people are saying 2013 , 2014 now ;DDD

  12. thomas scofield says:

    @alex630710 what good are silver and gold if it is the end of the world?

  13. smokenfly514 says:

    The prophets have spoken of this !! lololol

  14. rosen00000 says:

    heres an idea, why dosnt the usa sell all there high tech weapons that they
    have been bragging for so long and hope that it will be enough, including
    area 51… just an idea

  15. David Stanley says:

    What is not being mentioned anywhere is how USA has sold off all it’s
    assets and currently is buying up all the land I mean all of it ,probably
    to sell that off too. from tolls roads to railroads ports to Businesses
    banks to national parks all sold off. And still the American people who
    have had their jobs stole from under them have not awakened.they go
    silently into the long night without a whimper. When the Americans awaken
    they will find themselves in the third world with no recourse.

  16. mattmatt115 says:

    will fight it to the death or to victory… I will never submit to a
    worldwide consolidated beast system. FUCK THE OLIGARCHS!!!!!!!!!

  17. nafism6969 says:

    A God-less ppl can only think of spending, consuming and indulging. like
    the famous Muslim scholar said “only the miserable feel the need to
    consume”. and America’s religion is consumerism.

  18. jaymurray54 says:

    We have been programed from birth to beleive that we have a voice and a
    choice. The illusion is so deep seeded that only a true awakening will
    reverse our course!

  19. Francisco San Gil says:

    How’s the American economy improving? Record Housing foreclosures for
    2010,2011 predicted to break last years record,Unemployment up,especially
    the long-term unemployed,trade deficit up, city and state governments near
    bankruptcy, the American consumer tapped,except the rich.

  20. Budney420 says:

    Continued: By fall 2011 inflation will run into the 150% range and
    unemployment will reach 25%. States out of funds will deny new applications
    and suspend existing retirement payments. The resultant riots and criminal
    activity will make the greek riots look like a sunday picnic!

  21. strattuner says:

    david stanley is right,our country is being sold off,whole we workand
    sleep,we owe china alot of money these clowns are selling off what is not
    even theirs,the land of usa is not for sale it is sovereign and belongs to
    we the people,let em try and take it home,the anger that will be seen soon
    will be incredible,it will make the history books,the real history
    books,i’m old but there is alot of young people who will pounce on the
    fools stupid enough to try and burn and pillage,UNITED WE STAND,YES

  22. BRUCE LEE says:

    @rmraovich …..You are correct about 2012. 2012 may be a time of change
    ….but…the world will go on :0) The economic storm on the otherhand is
    not fake. My brothers are Masters of Economics and they have been preparing
    me for this crisis since 2006. THey have me investing in Gold and Silver
    and I’m making a fortune because money printing cause the U.S. dollar to
    fall and metals to rise. YOU TUBE [GERALD CELENTE" predicts economic 20102
    ] THen contact me with questions :0(…….

  23. lroberge0 says:

    great video! Now prepare for the riots and civil war! Also, you did not
    mention the food crisis. Hyperinflation plus food shortage equals the FOUR

  24. countrysamurai says:

    @Budney420 Interesting…so what do you base this on? I keep looking for
    the signs when it will start…any thing you would be willing to share
    would be most appreciated. Specifically…why 2011? I know about all of
    those things in place…but why that year?

  25. Kaung Htet says:

    It is a BETTER DEFINITION of 2012. LOL

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  • 2016 Election Economy Videos:

    Kaung Htet said: It is a BETTER DEFINITION of 2012. LOL [read more]

  • 2016 Election Economy Videos:

    countrysamurai said: @Budney420 what do you base this on? I keep looking for the signs when it will start...any thing you would be willing to share would be most appreciated. Specifically...why 2011? I know about all of those things in place...but why that year? [read more]

  • 2016 Election Economy Videos:

    lroberge0 said: great video! Now prepare for the riots and civil war! Also, you did not mention the food crisis. Hyperinflation plus food shortage equals the FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOLCALYSE. ...AND BLOOD IN THE STREET [read more]

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