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2016 Election Economy Videos – Election ...

2016 Election Economy:

RON PAUL VP for 2016 ELECTION – Jason Burack: part 1. SUBSCRIBE for Unconventional Finance interviews posted every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday:…

17 Responses to “ 2016 Election Economy Videos – Election ”

  1. Banana391Returns says:

    Vice President? Make him THE President?

  2. QuidditySoul says:

    a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama.

  3. WallStForMainSt says:

    Voting for candidates in a corrupt political system with no real
    differences between the parties I agree with you. The problem is the
    system. The 2 best votes people have now until the system changes is to
    vote with their money (don’t buy US Treasuries or hold lots of US Dollars
    since it condones bad behavior) or to vote with your feet.

  4. WallStForMainSt says:

    Elijah’s definitely come a long way in a short amount of time. He’s only
    been doing interviews and posting them on You Tube since maybe February!

  5. QuidditySoul says:

    well I’d say the President of the United States is an extremely influential
    “political elite” and if we put the wrong candidate into office you can
    forget about any management of the collapse, it will just get worse like it
    has with obama in office.

  6. WallStForMainSt says:

    He’s not perfect but are you saying he lacks integrity and is not honest?

  7. TheEnneagram says:

    Voting is evil. Only sociopaths vote and/or encourage others to do so.

  8. Astra2012 says:

    i will write in RON PAUL (and euro944t – who has been making pro-Gary
    videos, has blocked me! Are Gary supporters anti-Ron Paul?)

  9. WallStForMainSt says:

    Some Gary Johnson supporters are anti-Ron Paul. They are upset with him for
    trying to use the Republican party to get a nomination. The problem is both
    parties have rigged the elections making it almost impossible for a viable
    3rd party to even get on the ballot in many states.

  10. lukasnummer1 says:

    Reason for that?

  11. TheEnneagram says:

    Ron Paul? Get real. Nobody trusts him anymore, with good reason.

  12. ARXD says:

    Always vote for what you believe and stand for!!! ALWAYS!!!

  13. TheEnneagram says:

    he is criminally naive – the perfect front-man for controlled opposition.

  14. WallStForMainSt says:

    There are a large % of Americans who do not do this, unfortunately and this
    is why the horrible status quo and illusion of only a 2 party system can
    continue to persist!

  15. TheEnneagram says:

    controlled opposition

  16. P0LICEstateWATCH says:

    wow, we’ve got trolls staking out UnconventionalFIN- you’ve made it!

  17. WallStForMainSt says:

    It doesn’t matter who is President at this point. End game is coming for
    the US Dollar. The better question is how the political and economic elites
    will try to “manage” the collapse?

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