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2016 Candidates YouTube Video ...

2016 Candidates:

Ralph Nader Predicts Several Billionaire Presidential Candidates in 2016. Ralph Nader Predicts Several Billionaire Presidential Candidates in 2016 TJ Walker is the #1 rated Daily Internet-only liberal news video pundit (viewed at h…

2 Responses to “ 2016 Candidates YouTube Video ”

  1. MsZeitgeist85 says:

    If not that then more billionare backed candidates.

  2. CSILogic says:

    Running campaigns simply cost too much money these days. One has to
    practically buy the election; TV time, Ads, signs, mailouts, robocalling,
    hire aids, rent office space for campaign headquarters all around the
    country, travel. And the election cycles the last 2 times out last way too
    long, making it way to expensive in itself. This country has turned into a
    democratic aristocracy. We’re just voting for rich people.

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2012 Voter Comments

  • 2012 Presidential Candidate – Chris:

    AlterEgoTrip said: My major complaint about schools even here is that students need to work more out of their own personal motivation or the need for education won't mean anything personally. With nasty budget cuts, the time and effort teachers put in is spread out among too many students and people who need more help rarely get it. It bothers me because its wasting the entire potential and future of a country when they demolish school budgets. [read more]

  • 2012 Presidential Candidate – Chris:

    AlterEgoTrip said: I think there are some political leaders who need their budgets cut, and even if schools are inconsistent and some of the better teachers you ever see will be sacked for owning an opinion, they have to stop trying to cram a zillion students in a class room and pretend to be shocked that people are not enthusiastic about learning. The schools when I was growing up in the US were training for the prison system. I had to drop out at 9th grade. But went on to university, and to another country. [read more]

  • 2012 Presidential Candidate – Chris:

    Alison Damore said: GOOD FOR HIM...Now maybe the schools will use the money alloted to them FOR the students instead of for the teachers union!!! [read more]

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