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2016 Candidates Video Clips ...

2016 Candidates:

Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden as Potential Candidates in 2016?.

18 Responses to “ 2016 Candidates Video Clips ”

  1. Faye Hayes says:


  2. Jordan Lott says:

    Come on lets clean house time for real change lets cause madness
    Ventura/Stern 2016

  3. CarloSpicieWiener Yo says:

    Jon Huntsman 2016

  4. bluebrick0701 says:

    Clinton 2016

  5. 70Milow says:

    He’ll ne 79 by time the next election comes around. lol He doesn’t need to
    be in the White House, maybe the Senior Home!

  6. cindy hix says:

    RandPaul 2016

  7. HalsoftL says:

    whats wrong with the age? whats the point of bringing it up?

  8. SoldierKnowsTheBest says:

    Hillary Clinton (65 years old) or Joe Biden (73 years old)?

  9. MrElculver2424 says:

    I love Joe Biden as a person and his policies are good; he could win with
    those alone. But even being a Democrat myself, I will admit that if he runs
    in 4 years, he will need to clean up his speaking a little. He can’t say
    silly things anymore; he has to be good debater and speaker. I think if
    Obama has a great 4 years, Biden could run and win, even though he’d be 82
    if he goes 8 yrs. But I still want to see Hillary run…she would easily
    win the primaries and probably the general election too.

  10. SturFriedBrains . says:

    If they both run Hillary would win, unless Biden does something that just
    blows the American people away in the next 4 years. Personally i think its
    going to be Clinton-someone vs RyanRubio (or vise versa)… If Hillary does
    run ill have a hard time deciding on who ti vote for, if anyone else wins
    the Democrat primaries ill vote for Jill Stein (Green Party)

  11. politiciangirl12 says:

    Joe Biden 2016!!!! Joe Biden 2016!!

  12. Miguel Sanchez says:

    she got my vote

  13. Angela Charles says:

    lmfao thinking same thing I like Biden but I can’t see him as our president

  14. beawild says:

    Biden is a nice man, but he’s like everybody’s favorite crazy uncle. You
    may like him, but you wouldn’t want your nutty uncle as president. You
    never know what’s going to come out of his mouth. Besides, he’s already 70
    years old. Hillary has been the most popular politician in the country for
    some time now. She’s tough, experienced and has a great sense of humor.
    Besides, Bill would make a great “first gentleman”. Hilz rules!!!!

  15. Richard Smith says:

    Martin O’Malley – 2016!

  16. Hunter Gray says:

    Who would want a jackass, crook, and idiot as president?

  17. jojo momo says:

    neither! Denis Kucinich 2016!

  18. WeShudInvadIran YoloSwag says:

    Fuck that. Paul/Rubio 2016

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