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2016 Candidates: Presidential 2016 Candidates ...

2016 Candidates:

Presidential 2016 candidates. Just when you think the 2012 presidential race has ended…another race may have begun. Experts are already starting to discuss who we could see vying for th…

12 Responses to “ 2016 Candidates: Presidential 2016 Candidates ”

  1. ProphetAtaraxia says:

    Paul Ryan or Jeb Bush will win .

  2. Reverend Wilhelm says:

    if you hate Clinton, can I ask who might you have thought was a good

  3. Reverend Wilhelm says:

    WE NEED Jesse Ventura, but on a more likely note, Ron Paul.

  4. DaGerminator2 says:

    Uh what a glorious day it’ll be! A new president…..sounds better already!
    I’m definately voting conservative

  5. hookalakah says:

    “We are supposed to believe that every dollar given to a Clinton is a
    dollar that improves the world. But is it? Clintonworld is a galaxy where
    personal enrichment and political advancement blend seamlessly, and where a
    cast of jarringly familiar characters pad their pockets every which way to
    Sunday.” –Maureen Dowd, New York Times

  6. Baambam1 says:

    Lol not a conservative among them……

  7. Franklin Gillette says:


  8. SKewer Lawson says:

    mmmm skeptical……

  9. fightttttt says:

    Joe biden? That guy will probably be dead by then lol. Lets get some new

  10. viet vetjd says:

    Screw clinton,cuomo,christie,biden all of them bush too they all suck

  11. SentinelPrime76 says:

    Another bush jeb.

  12. Reverend Wilhelm says:

    Oh kill me, no more Bush’s George Bush is just pure evil, George W. Bush
    had 3,000 of our own people killed so he could start a war in Iraq also I
    love some of his quotes (fool me once shame on you, fool me twice… uh
    cant be fooled twice) Jeb isn’t any better, he helped them steal the
    election from Al Gore, WTF kind of system is it when the when the guy who
    has the popular vote losses?

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