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2012 Presidential Candidate – Possible ...

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Possible 2016 GOP presidential candidates. Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page on how Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster put him on the GOP’s 2016 presidential candidate radar. (Posted on: Mar. 09, 20…

5 Responses to “ 2012 Presidential Candidate – Possible ”

  1. tourdestade says:

    Rubio was born in the United States.

  2. kathy160 says:

    im sorry to inform you but there are some radical republicans that believe
    because marco rubio’s parents werent born in usa land, rubio should be
    illegal also. republicans need the moderate and liberal republicans back.

  3. kathy160 says:

    republican presidential candidates were a joke, a real funny joke. these
    new jokes that speaks of are temporary republican manipulations …
    marco rubio a refugee that some republicans would have loved to electrify,
    rand paul who is as silly as palin. and christie who is already hated
    because he is to liberla for helping hurricane sandy victims. next list

  4. tourdestade says:

    In 2016, the GOP nomination for president is well open and unpredictable as
    to who’s gonna grab it: I could easily see Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, Chris
    Christie, or Ted Cruz taking the nomination. On the Dem side, however, I
    think it’s pretty obvious that it’ll go to Hillary.

  5. Irm43 says:

    Tell T Cruz move over Paul Rand coming.Don’t let Rubio or cr uz out do

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