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Christy Tea Party Candidates for 2012 ...

Christy Tea Party:

Bernie on the Tea Party — and Chris Christie.

3 Responses to “ Christy Tea Party Candidates for 2012 ”

  1. Scru Gugle says:

    Well, one moron “Acree”s with you, Bernie. Those of us who love the liberty
    and justice the Constitutional Convention guaranteed to us say you and the
    rest of the “RiNO”s can kiss our rosy reds.

  2. michael reinmund says:

    I think Bernie said it best

  3. Mike Wilson says:

    i Acree with you 1000 percent Bernie

two − = 1

2012 Voter Comments

  • Online Video: GOP 2012:

    danielxu94560 said: Eglon's America is a new blend of Moab turns Sodom. This kind ravages with no hesitation. Jeremiah 6:22-26. Their bone is left wing nuts. Pretends to be businessman's efficiency but have no clue what business is. Heartless. Cruel. Is there any doubt that the sea(peoples) split in half so those overcomers can pass through dry land in Exodus? 10% left. That is all the left over by the ravage of end time. Amos 5:3. (We don't want more!)  [read more]

  • Online Video: GOP 2012:

    K131399 said: even if they had audio of christie on the phone ordering the traffic jam, how hilariously stupid would it be for the left to (with a straight face) do all they can to actually sell a traffic jam to their viewers as more relevant than take your pic of obama' scandalpalooza lol. as insane as the everyone except fox media has become, they're just lonely crackpots without the sheep who actually believe their agitate/ridicule based silliness. in the dark days of the pre-cable news/internet left wing dominated news, conservative like myself always said that if people actually had a choice they would abandon the crackpots and go for the conservative based outlets. now that this has clearly happened, the left resorts to temper tantrums lol [read more]

  • Online Video: GOP 2012:

    danielxu94560 said: Ever since '60, this "north" army has been climbing into our windows(TV). Now their sons are on the stage. Joel. Boy, one has to be extremely smart to shake them off. Smokes of bottomless pit all around us. Faint hearted are all been swallowed.  [read more]

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