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Chris Christy Steven Colbert YouTube Video ...

Chris Christy Steven Colbert:

“Gov. Christie” and Jersey Shore – Night of Too Many Stars 2012 – Uncensored. Steve Schirripa (as “Gov. Chris Christie”), Jenni “JWOWW” Farley and Sammi “Sweetheart Giancola performed at the Beacon Theater in New York on Oct 13. “Night…

25 Responses to “ Chris Christy Steven Colbert YouTube Video ”

  1. Parker Yowell says:


  2. Rebel Man says:

    It’s so funny how some people around here, thinking that he is the real
    Gov. “Chris Christie”.

  3. Lumeth says:

    What do you mean? You don’t think it’s actually him, right?

  4. johnny sack says:

    lol Bobby Baccala!!

  5. Daymen Barton says:

    What an asshole!

  6. Michael Anobile says:

    Great stuff.

  7. ChrisyDW101 says:


  8. Giants2082 says:

    No its not lol, but it does look just like him

  9. sakahowdah says:

    Look how far we’ve come. Can’t even imagine a Governor talking like that.

  10. LudusVan says:

    god bless new jersey

  11. iBringDaLULZ says:


  12. angcope23 says:

    lol i love sam n jwoww


    awful… hate when people have to read shit written for them… comedy
    central, you have beautiful writers! don’t low yourselves promoting
    currently available celebrities. do something real… you will end up

  14. Genesyxx says:

    Chris Christie FTW

  15. 1227crown says:

    that shit was funny. gov. christie is awesome.

  16. Drescher1984 says:

    HeHe this is funny!

  17. Antonio Cruz says:

    I want to fuck jwow Chris chirstly doesn’t get pussy that’s why

  18. videogamecomedians says:

    Well Christie is funny. cris Christie 2012!

  19. MegaGibby96 says:

    Well, I have Aspergers (a form of Austim) And this was fucking funny if you
    ask me.

  20. MrWhatmyname says:

    OMG I thought it was the real governor at first.

  21. COzdemir says:

    The 3 most annoying people that i wish didn’t live in my state, poor new

  22. OscarAIho says:


  23. Fuck Youtube says:

    look at that rack.

  24. PixelLooter says:

    the same reason people would rather see a train wreck than a train passing,

  25. Ricardo Rick says:

    Skanks cant act.

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