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Chris Christy Scandal Rachel Maddow: Bridge ...

Chris Christy Scandal:

Rachel Maddow: Bridge Scandal Marks The End Of Chris Christie‘s Presidential Ambitions. On Wednesday night, the “Rachel Maddow Show” delved back into a story that it was among the first to report, the New Jersey bridge debacle involving Gov. Chr…

25 Responses to “ Chris Christy Scandal Rachel Maddow: Bridge ”

  1. fluffynoses says:

    Chris Christie and Miley Cyrus…two individuals I wish would just STFO of
    our lives forever

  2. spacegasp says:

    Thanks Rachel…but we did not want Christie anyway. You`re wasting your
    time trashing someone that was already rejected.

  3. Hi There says:

    Maddog…liberal of hate.

  4. Joe Paradise says:

    The truth hurts? LMFSLAOSFMTIALID hahahahahahahahah Fatboy is done!

  5. 12from121 says:

    I think he was a huge chance in 2016!! Massive cross party appeal, the
    independents love him but now…………………

  6. superwout says:

    I love Maddow for her professionalism , her persistence , such a difference
    with the rest of US media . Looking at it from across the Atlantic she
    stands out !

  7. lsk464 says:

    They worry so much about the possible harm to children if they see or touch
    marijunana but in this case there was direct and actual harm to children
    caused by the giant egos of polititions. The worst of the punishment is
    that someone (small) got fired.
    But of course no crime has been committed here (miss use of authority and

  8. Frank Johanson says:

    Scandal? What scandal? If there was one iota of truth to these bullshit
    accusations, wouldn’t someone have found it by now? Nothing to see here.
    Ugly-ass bulldyke.

  9. hitmanhart670 says:

    It better be the end of his run because this level of corruption is
    unbelievably disgusting and all involved should be jailed

  10. Elmano Locko says:

    The Republicants are being silent on Chris Christie “Bridge Gate” eh… l
    bet if Chris Christie was a Democrat you’d see Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh,
    Glenn Beck and the other crazy Right Wingers be like a noose on his neck to
    impeach him, right?

  11. Parks DW says:

    Jesus Christ man, some ppl are so fking stupid.

  12. F1reF0rEffect says:

    If rachel maddow even showed 1/10th the interest in Benghazi scandal, Fast
    and Furious scandal, NSA scandal, DoJ illegal wiretapping of AP scandal,
    the assassination of 4 US citizens, as she does a bridgegate, maybe we
    wouldn’t be forced to conclude liberals are galactic fucking retards and
    shes a political hack at best. I love for this dumb bitch to reason around
    Hillary’s role in Benghazi resulting in 4 dead Americans including an
    ambassador vs Christie’s non role in a traffic jam.

  13. Michael Anderson says:

    incompetent management and no control over his subordinates…sounds like a
    perfect presidential candidate. that describes every single president in my

  14. D0nQuix0te says:

    I love this lady. 

  15. juseph29 says:

    Blood is in the water…the truth sharks will NOT go away until one juicy
    Jersey gov is DEVOURED….i say enjoy your feast and leave no crumbs

  16. cosmosgato says:

    Get Christie an XXXXXL orange jumpsuit or a dunce hat.
    Or indeed both

  17. Danny Kroll says:

    I hate this DIKE….the fat slob is a RINO(Republican in name only).

  18. Justin Credible says:

    Christie should be sentenced to work the cones for the next twenty years.

  19. john edwards says:

    Lame “Journalist” trying to find her niche.

  20. dave parga says:

    Rachel Maddow likes pussy The people must know.

  21. Jamie B says:

    I hate that fat republican fuck!

  22. Scott Free says:

    Im a Democrat and I dont think Gov. Christie would have been this stupid to
    know this was going on for months and not do anything about I for once
    believe he wasnt aware of the situation thus his apology (he got blind
    side) I saying this coz to believe the alternative could do so much harm to
    the areas politics and publics trust in elected officials…. it just goes
    to so you how a bunch of ill minded morrons can undo the work done by a few
    many to restore a sense of pride in politics…
    …and to me thats the debate and goes beyond Dems and Reps

  23. Richard Martinez says:

    Now, we know what your lying face looks like, Christy,

  24. d wags says:

    How happy is she that someone is taking attention away from Obamacare,
    Benghazi, NSA, IRS and all those other invented scandals. Good thing
    nobody is listening to her. (cricket sounds)

  25. Andrew Bacon says:

    “I AM RACHEL MADDOW, ummm I am a very respected woman in MSNBC….please
    listen to me? plz?

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