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Chris Christy Scandal and Government News ...

Chris Christy Scandal:

Chris Christie Reacts to New Bridge Scandal Accusations. New Jersey governor fights back against new claims that he knew about the bridge lane closing.

13 Responses to “ Chris Christy Scandal and Government News ”

  1. David McCaig says:

    Though a Christie appointee, Chris Christie learned of childhood friend
    David Wildstein’s shady past and questionable character only after
    Wildstein reported that he had evidence Christie lied about not knowing of
    the bridge closure.

    Christie, either you are a naïve fool or think we are. You do not play the
    victim role well Chris.

  2. WedidLandONtheMOON says:

    Christie is a joke and if we elect him president, dont cry and bitch when
    this countries economy becomes alot worse. Obama has been doing a good job
    at destroying America Christie will only continue that and so would
    Hillary. Gary Johnson/ Rand Paul 2016

  3. Jake Preston says:

    What does Christie think is going to happen after he throws his cronies
    under the bus?

  4. Rita Cagliostro says:

    Former staffers did what? why? what kind of blitz, attempt at sacking
    your own quarter back governor? Ya! Still dunt see Chris Christie being a
    chump? Whatta ya talkin about?

  5. curtis jones says:

    Anchor-woman Reena Ninan is very beautiful

  6. rfn41 says:

    So Christie use sandy funds for political favors and he brings up how a guy
    cheated on test in school… Lmao

  7. Sandi Hughes says:

    Give it up Chris………….your busted. He sure didn’t care about the
    people who suffered because of him. He is just like all the others .Nothing

  8. jay reeves says:

    I hope he goes to prison, they probably like man boobs in there.

  9. The Coffee Nut says:

    Tired of corruption?
    “Wolf-pac” bitches Google it!

  10. JOHN OWENS says:

    He’s lying his ass off!

  11. hilarytg says:

    You know how you can tell when Chris Christie is lying his lips are moving

  12. Steve Doocy says:

    Another filthy conservative bites the dust.

  13. hilarytg says:

    You know how you can tell when Chris Christie is lying his lips are moving

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