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Chris Christy Against Medicare Online Video ...

Chris Christy Against Medicare:

The Evolution of Dad Dancing (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Gov. Chris Christie). In honor of Father’s Day, Jimmy and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie present The Evolution of Dad Dancing. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy…

24 Responses to “ Chris Christy Against Medicare Online Video ”

  1. Alain Bruno says:

    omg!!! funniest video I’ve seen all day. Jimmy Fallon is hilarious :) 

  2. Newsday says:

    See what the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, did Thursday night on
    “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

  3. spacialkritur says:

    OMG! 0_0 …This is depressing. How much more pathetic can one get than
    this jiggly wiggly gov’ner? How is he even able to face his staff?!

  4. BeatriceSteinberg says:

    Love the Jimmy show. Chris was a good sport. If you’re looking for

  5. UPlayNetwork says:

    Watching Chris Christie dancing is better than going to see a comedy at a

  6. aag oneeightnine says:

    Chris Christie screwed over his own people by closing lanes on the busiest
    bridge in America and now he is on the Tonight Show dancing? Do they really
    think the American people are THAT dumb? 

  7. urusoimi says:

    Yawn. I don’t think it’s jimmy’s make-up that makes this skit look ‘old’.

  8. jpainte06 says:

    Why does Chris Christie look like a cartoon character. His body
    proportions make him look like a puppet of some sort lmao.

  9. jahnman420 says:

    That was really stupid!


    the next POTUS….Give it up for Chris Chris-tie…so nice you say it
    thumbs up.!

  11. Amber Russell says:

    Hillary will be dancing all the way to the whitehouse while this fat
    criminal dances on a latenight show! HILLARY/WARREN 2016 WOOHOO!

  12. Mashnur Mahbub says:

    Go CHRIS!!!!!! GO!!!!!

  13. Kris Here says:

    Gee whiz, do you think Christie is trying to improve his gangster image? I

  14. Nadia Lynch says:

    I bought my dad a Rolex watch. Happy Fathers Day!! 

  15. William Gode says:

    I have a way (for anyone willing to try it out) to make hundreds of dollars
    more a week. Not a scam like those other spammers. If anyone wants to give
    it a try, message me. :) 

  16. MrQbenDanny says:

    Governor, you steal the show. I don’t give a fuck about the bridge drama.
    I’m voting for you. Bravissimo!!

  17. TheDusteraz .noneya says:

    sellout communist state propaganda this show sucks balls like Jimmy..

  18. Excuse Me Gaming says:

    Such a fat slob.

  19. zok310 says:

    Your next president America.

  20. MrAntiBuffoonery says:

    Haha, let’s watch a soulless criminal dance, so much fun. Not!

  21. VaughnFryWillDie says:

    I really hope this unoriginal, unfunny, halfwit Jimmy Fallon is paying the
    Evolution of Dance guy for stealing his gimmick.

  22. samtherat6 says:

    Back it up? Seems kinda ironic if you ask me…

  23. Ray S Mants says:

    That’s why American politicians aren’t taken seriously around the world

  24. ZZBlue Comet says:

    Christie 2016!

    No one was convicted in the “alleged” bridge deal, and , it’s a f’ing
    bridge – American’s didn’t get left to die on it!

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