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Chris Christy Bully Presidential Elections 2012 ...

Chris Christy Bully:

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin – July 18, 2013. For Destination X Chris Sabin forfeits his X Division Title for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Watch IMPACT WRESTLING every Thursday night at …

25 Responses to “ Chris Christy Bully Presidential Elections 2012 ”

  1. TNAfan4Life says:

    HAIL SABIN!!!! why would they take the title of him so quickly!!

  2. Zamiul Choudhury says:

    Go on christopher

  3. Paul S. says:

    World Heavyweight Championship Match: Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin 7/18/13

  4. y2jsyndrome87 says:

    HAIL SABIN !!! 

  5. khup san says:

    World Heavyweight Championship Match: Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin – July 18,

  6. Mitchell Phillips says:

    About goddamn time sabin worked hard for years he has been involved in so
    many classic matches. Chris Sabin you deserve that championship

  7. efra ayala says:

    Ricardo rodrigeuz next champ can’t wait

  8. The Dispute says:

    We all know that the only reason Sabin won was because of his loyalty to
    TNA, nothing more. Glad his pointless title reign is over.

  9. riseofsintzu says:

    Or a moron..

  10. albert ophicial says:

    Bully Ray Sucks.

  11. SuperCopX says:

    …this sucks, could this be even more false or nonsense?

  12. fablanco4 says:

    Did u see that punch by Rampage Jackson to Brisco. 2:16 that looked fake
    and I like tna

  13. AnimeChaos10 says:

    Lol…wow…ya hail Sabin..he didn’t even have the belt a full month..and
    lets admit it.. Everyone was counting down for this Midcard to lose it. He
    had to be one of the worst champs I’ve ever seen. He didn’t demand respect
    like a champ should..he didn’t have the crowd against or behind was
    like watching a little John Cena..

  14. Lulu Lioneye-Medina says:

    everyone needs to realize that TNA needs to keep people they can rely on…
    did you really expect them to keep sorenson? honestly, if he took one more
    bad bump, he’d be screwed…

  15. CrybabyKiller2K13 says:

    LOL. Tru dat.

  16. Hippie Guy says:

    I don’t jack off to wrestlers the whole day like you do. I know who Bryan
    is and I know who fucking Sabin is and in my opinion Daniel Bryan and
    fucking Bryan Danielson (the same fucking person) is or are better than

  17. 5uckMeBitchFMD says:

    Rampage’ punches looking as good in TNA as they did in UFC (Y)

  18. iRonRon808 says:


  19. CrybabyKiller2K13 says:

    Obvious weak ass trolling is obvious.

  20. Douglas Roberts says:

    You can only cash it in at Destination X moron.

  21. rajithwarren says:

    Wow. The whole thing looks very forced. An underdog winning a major
    championship should be a magnificant moment! I mean look at Rey winning the
    Heavyweight title at WM in 06, HBK winning the WWF title at WM in 96. They
    were HUGE moments! And the commentary team just doesn’t do the win any
    good. They ain’t no JR and Jerry Lawler. TNA needs a better direction to
    save the company from fading into oblivion.

  22. Nick Codair says:

    Daniel Bryan doesn’t wrestle for money. If you have seen his house its like
    every average home. And all of the TNA guys are scouted by wwe but TNA
    gives them better offers.

  23. Kim Andersson says:

    why u even here u looser. go get a life or go to the bork laser videos

  24. ageofsagar2009 says:

    So what?? He did that in a Steel cage match no disqualifications Sabin did
    that in a normal match… it is against the rules…. I don’t get y the
    hell people cheer this guy called Sabin n not support The president of the
    Aces And Eights

  25. SayberV1 says:

    Obvious fail troll peadophile is soo obvious.

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