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Chris Christie, Jon Stewart Interview: NJ Gov ...

Chris Chris Christy Scandal WATCH: Jon Stewart NAILS IT on NJ Gov. Chris Christie Bridgegate Scandal [COMPLETE SHOW] Online Videos” href=””>Christy Jon Stewart:

Chris Christie, Jon Stewart Interview: NJ Gov & ‘Daily Show’ Host Spar Over Republican Philosophy. Chris Christie, Jon Stewart Interview: New Jersey Governor & ‘Daily Show’ Host Spar Over Republican Philosophy (VIDEO)…

25 Responses to “ Chris Christie, Jon Stewart Interview: NJ Gov ”

  1. Jennifer Stewart says:

    I like your perspective. I don’t see any honesty in Christie – other than
    that he honestly believes he’s an honest man and not a bully!

    I’m looking for a youtube link to the Jon Stewart show where he asks
    Christie about humility. I’ve seen it but I forgot to save the link and I
    just can’t find it. I can’t watch The Daily Show because I live in South
    Africa and this country doesn’t have permission. But I can legally watch
    the youtube versions, so if you have that link could you pass it on to me?
    Thanks so much.

  2. SoundNobility says:

    This guy is an idiot

  3. Media Training Public Speaking TJ Walker says:

    It’s OK to like Christie, just realize that the vast majority who saw the
    exchange think Stewart made a fool out of him

  4. TheGuerillapatriot says:

    Christo, 20 years of satellite data show the earth radiates as much heat in
    relation to surface temperatures. So the AGM hypothesis is wrong. And no
    I’m not cherry picking just look, furthermore all the models have proven to
    be W-R-O-N-G, yes wrong. So what’s the solution if one is to be had to
    Global Warming? A carbon tax?

  5. Media Training Public Speaking TJ Walker says:

    of course he can’t

  6. Gore Smasher says:

    That’s a given due to Stewart’s core audience consisting almost completely
    of sheltered college kids who will applaud at any partisan thing he says no
    matter how false or one sided it is. They are basically breathing applause

  7. Media Training Public Speaking TJ Walker says:

    You are right, Christie is an idiot!

  8. TheGuerillapatriot says:

    MIT study of Satellite data shows a proportional radiation of temperature
    to the surface. It’s 20 years of data. BAM! Now you’re free.

  9. Kylechan4 says:

    tj walker go on current, msnbc, or the young turks to promote your brand,
    because you are good. try huffpost live.

  10. christo930 says:

    Don’t conflate bad politics with science. OK, let’s throw all the models
    out, get rid of them. Sep 15, 2012 recorded the lowest ice mass (by a very
    large %) ever recorded in the arctic. Greenland is loosing ice mass at an
    accelerating rate, the permafrost in Siberia is melting, the glaciers
    around the world are melting, birds migrate later, the tree line is higher,
    the flowers are blooming earlier, bugs are surviving in areas they couldn’t
    survive in before and are killing trees(cont)

  11. Media Training Public Speaking TJ Walker says:

    why do you say that?

  12. Media Training Public Speaking TJ Walker says:

    it’s a little different now that there is no election

  13. doenerator says:

    What you just said is patently false

  14. Gore Smasher says:

    Because Stewart tried to with hold details of the financial dealings to
    make a partisan statement of “how dare Christie ask the government for
    relief while rejecting their policies”. Christie corrected him and stated
    his case.

  15. Rita Brown says:

    Stewart was right when he said if the people need something, they just want
    handouts, but when republicans want something, it’s something WE (the
    republicans) need. But in a time of crisis like a major disaster, I’d
    rather have a hypocrite like Christie than someone like Eric Cantor who
    wanted to deny his constituents help after a hurricane.

  16. christo930 says:

    One of the problems in our system is that NJ citizens have to pay federal
    taxes. Had the fed government not taken roughly 1/3 of every single working
    citizen in NJ, the state budget could be much bigger. To be a consistent
    conservative in this system would require that your citizens pay into the
    fed gov and then get nothing back. However, I agree that flood prone areas
    should not have subsidized insurance. As you mentioned these are usually
    wealthy people with no incentive to not build.

  17. TheGuerillapatriot says:

    Get rid of FEMA and government subsidized flood insurance. Hello? Why
    exacerbate the Global Warming hoax by building more and more communities on
    flood planes?

  18. christo930 says:

    Has there been any warming since 1996? I can cherry pick starting and
    ending dates too. The overall trend is that of warming. 8 of the last 10 or
    11 years have set all time records as the hottest years and the entire
    period from 200-201- is the hottest decade on record.

  19. Gore Smasher says:

    Even with Stewart’s built in support applause, Christie knocked down his
    lies. Stewart tried his best to politicize Sandy and Christie handled him
    like a champ.

  20. christo930 says:

    Do you have any thoughts on what I said?

  21. Media Training Public Speaking TJ Walker says:

    Stewart does have his fans. Christie has his fans too though it is hard for
    me to see him with a future in the gop given the base’s intensity of hatred
    toward anyone who seems positive toward Obama.

  22. TheGuerillapatriot says:

    Ok, so the whole scientific data saying the warming stopped in 1980 and no
    warming has occurred since 1997 is wrong. According to the theory and
    computer modeling it’s supposed to be much hotter.

  23. gcrady says:

    I’ve really lost interest inTDS. Stewart seems to have backed off the
    edgier informative attacks, for comfortable satire. The Allen Simpson
    interview was a cake walk, and then to hear Sam Seeder, the next day, point
    out the missed opportunities for rebuttal, kinda confirmed my suspicions.
    I’ll probably keep watching thou, it does take the serious edge off of
    daily media hype. (FYI, for John Oliver fans, check out “The Bugle”
    podcast,,,,, gut busting funny!)

  24. Media Training Public Speaking TJ Walker says:

    it is hypocritical

  25. Media Training Public Speaking TJ Walker says:

    thanks for sharing

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